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About Me

My journey of personal transformation has been about more than just significant weight loss. It’s been a quest to put myself back in the equation of my life. For me, there were mountains to climb, both literally and figuratively.

After battling a lifelong obesity problem, I learned to create time and space to nurture my health and my inner self. I pushed past fear and self-doubt and in the process lost 211 pounds, 80+% of my body fat, and 11 dress sizes in 18 months. More importantly, I gained a new perspective on life.

Today, my life is full and happy. And, I not only climb mountains but inspire others to do the same. On  a mission to support others in transforming their lives, I now speak, write, coach and connect on the topics of personal transformation, healthy living and weight loss.

I hope my journey serves as an example for how you too can put yourself back into the equation of your life and achieve your wildest dreams.

Read more about my marketing agency with a purpose, Marketing that Matters, or my In the Equation work on this website. If you are interested in connecting personally or inviting me to speak to your group, please connect with me here.

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