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An innovative, personal and proven approach to long-term weight loss & healthy living — for life!

LoriSchaefer-IntheEquation-Before&AfterAre you having trouble losing weight and committing to a healthy lifestyle? Perhaps you’re feeling stuck and hopeless when it comes to getting what you really, really, really want in your life. Or, like me years ago, you feel like the hamster on the wheel of life going through the motions but not really living intentionally and definitely not taking care of your well-being.

There’s got to be more to your story, right?! RIGHT!

Whether you need help to put yourself in the equation of your own life, lose weight and get fit, or you’re facing down a radical life change or need to address a health challenge, I can help! I know the way. And, I promise you it is NOT hopeless. If I can lose -211 pounds and 11 pant sizes AND put myself in the equation to live a happy and WHOLE life, so can you. Let’s do this!

NEW! In-the-Equation Coaching NOW AVAILABLE!

I’m now offering In-the-Equation coaching programs for both individuals and for companies who want to implement a workplace wellness program to inspire, motivate and empower their employees to improve overall health and happiness — inside and out.

They are three ways you can seek coaching help:

1. Individual Health & Wellness Coaching, One-on-One: I’m taking on a small number of individual clients who can commit to a rigorous coaching process designed to meet your individual needs and creative lasting lifestyle change. This is individual coaching customized to you. And the best way to learn more about this program and it’s cost (if you are a serious candidate), is to contact me here.

2. In-the-Equation Weight Loss & Wellness Group Coaching: Individuals interested in joining my second pilot small-group coaching program in the Fall 2017, should contact me here to learn more and express interest. This comprehensive 12-week coaching program customizes the process and principles that I used to put myself in the center of the equation of my own life and lose -211 lbs, 11 pant sizes, AND achieve self-love and acceptance, build confidence and gain internal happiness.

The In-the-Equation Weight-Loss & Wellness Coaching Program goes far beyond the typical “just do it” approach to help individuals achieve individual success. I know it is not about desire or willpower. This program combines science and lived experience. It stems from a self-love and emotional well-being approach, a holistic approach to well-being that addresses long-term behavioral change from the inside out.

That said, while the principles and process are proven, this does absolutely require you to be 100% all-in and to commit to the process and making long-term, lasting lifestyle changes. We help discover a path that will work best for you. And you get support, accountability and encouragement from the group, as well as personal coaching by me.

To learn more, download the program flyer here. Or, contact me to set up a free coaching call to see if this is a fit for you. Please contact me here.

3. In the Equation Transformative Weight-Loss Coaching Program – For Workplace Wellness: This intense 16-week program is offered through an organization or company’s workplace wellness effort for the benefit of employees. It is a transformative weight-loss and wellness coaching program custom designed by me — Lori Schaefer, In the Equation. The program combines science and lived experience to help inspire, motivate and empower employees to improve their overall health and happiness from the inside out.

If you’re an employer or organization interested in learning more about this program, download the handout here, and/or contact me personally here.

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