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Milestones and markers

Important for me to mark the following milestones of the past couple of weeks:

  • Peri-menopause self diagnosis started with irregular cycles in July; really noticeable in August starting Aug. 24-26 and Aug. 29-Sept. 1; irritability, bloating, exhaustion, moody, weight gain, PMS, itchy skin.
  • Read about symptoms – took sympotom checklist; starting charting
  • Really struggling to stick to program these past couple of weeks — nutrition and workouts. Gained 8 lbs in 2 weeks – from lowest weight.
  • Saturday, Aug. 27 – hour long phone conversation with Leif about peri-menopause – execute the plan.
  • Saw Denise on Thursday, Sept. 1 – focus on the goal; remember to keep Lori front and center of the equation.
  • Weighed in + 8 lbs from lowest weight
  • Tough Blair day Sept. 26 – saw Blair at work; got in my pysche. Missed him.
  • Winter clothes to consignment in Zumbrota on Saturday, Sept. 3. Shopping with mom. Bought new watch, sweater, coat, watch, etc. Great day with Mom – so much fun to be in smaller clothes and buying designer labels.
  • Photo shoot with Jean Voxland at -135 lbs at Plummer House in Rochester, gardens. Very fun. Can’t wait to see the pics.
  • Dinner with Jean Voxland at 300 First in Rochester to celebrate Jean’s 50th birthday.


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