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No more I can’t – only yes I can!

This morning my trainer Sandra said to me during a post workout stretch exercise: “Every time someone tells you that you might not be able to do something, you do it. You prove them wrong.”

We laughed about how incredibly stubborn and driven I am. But the truth is, I love that about me. And this was definitely not always the case.

When I first started this journey, and in particular, when I walked into Fitness North that first week, I was full of fear and self-doubt. “I can’t” was a common part of my vocabulary. In fact, I think I said it and felt it about 100 times per day. Just ask my trainer Jay Grove and the Chief and Program Director, Leif Anderson. The thing is, I was proven wrong 100 times per day.

Just as my friend and mentor O’Neal Hampton said, my head – the emotional stuff – was standing in the way of me determining what I was really capable of – or reaching my full potential.

One of the truly amazing takeaways from the boot camp experience for me, and of this journey as a whole, is that indeed I now believe that I can do absolutely anything. I know I can!

Carrying that power around with me every day is what will allow me to change the world. In fact, I think I already am…

It is so totally awesome and makes me so happy that I just had to share that today.

P.S.. I actually like the phrase President Obama coined in his last campaign “Yes we can!” I will carry that into my day and week. I hope it inspires you too. Yes, we can! Yeah.

Have a great day everyone.



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