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What do you really, really, really want?

Not sure? Prioritize YOU. Join our vision board workshop – this Saturday, March 3!

This one is for the women out there. Why? Because I know so many women who have trouble prioritizing their needs, their self care, and all too often, their goals and dreams.

Nod (and keep reading) if you struggle to fit yourself into into the equation of your own life. If it makes you uncomfortable to prioritize yourself and your needs over others. And, if it makes you twitchy to go for what you really, really, really want.

Can you relate? I thought so.

When I ask women in my speeches what they really, really, really want at this point in their lives, the two most common answers are: “I don’t know,” and/or “I’m too busy to figure it out.”

Ah, yes, BUSY! I truly hate that word in my new in-the-equation life.

We’re too busy to practice self-care…too busy to get to that exercise class we’ve always wanted to try…too busy to connect with our girlfriends…and way too busy to attend a class/workshop or find other ways to consistently grow, challenge ourselves and feed our souls.

Trust me, I get it! I was in the “too busy” camp for much of my life, and then I realized this fundamental truth: NO ONE but me could/would take care of me and my needs. So if I didn’t do it, what kind of life was I actually living? What kind of future was I creating for myself?

So, ladies –or kick-A women, if you prefer — that is the reason I’m hosting my first-ever In-the-Equation Vision Board Workshop. (Well, that and the fact that for the first time in a long time I’m personally struggling to find my focus.) I’m excited to share this workshop with you, and with this blog, I invite you to join us. We’ve got just a few spots left.

Click here to jump to the event details and sign up on Facebook… or keep reading. Read more

Today is YOUR day!

Step forward toward your goals & get help doing it!


Today is the first official day of the “In the Equation 2014 Challenge. A BIG Congratulations to all of you who have taken a step forward to your goals by signing up for the Challenge and making a public commitment to put yourself in the equation of your own life. We have diet goals, exercise goals and some with a list of goals to put themselves in the equation. I am delighted to cheer you, support you and “referee” for some of you. And, together, we will ROCK this!

Please take a moment today and congratulate yourself privately or publicly for taking the first very important step. It’s a big one. To start! First you’ll take one step forward (you already have), and then another, taking one day, one week at a time, and SOON you’ll move from the unknown, to familiar, to conquered, to WHAT’S next?! Read more


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