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Persevere. And when you falter, persevere.

There are days I need the reminder. This is indeed one of them.

When all else fails…when you feel stressed and beaten down…when you are emotional and aren’t sure why…when you slip and fall, and your inner voice is telling you to give up and throw in the towel. It is then – most of all – that you must persevere. Read more

Hey Fat Girl

EDITOR’S NOTE: My friend and trainer, Sandra Swami, shared this on her Facebook page. Wow, what a fitting and telling tribute of the journey to fat/weight loss. (Insert the word walking, biking, or training for running.)  I hope you find it as powerful as I did. To all those taking the first step, I APPLAUD YOU! Read more

Are we done yet?

(From 63+% body fat to 14.5%)

ITE_Before-After_InstaThe most frequently asked question I get about my transformation these days is: “Are you done yet?”

After dieting for 18 months and losing 211 lbs, people assume I am at goal and “done.” A fair assumption. After all, I did have a party and celebrate my transformation!

This question packs a powerful punch. For me it raises the question: “Are we ever “done?” Or rather, “Are we ever really “there?” Read more

No more I can’t – only yes I can!

This morning my trainer Sandra said to me during a post workout stretch exercise: “Every time someone tells you that you might not be able to do something, you do it. You prove them wrong.”

We laughed about how incredibly stubborn and driven I am. But the truth is, I love that about me. And this was definitely not always the case. Read more

Celebrating today…just another day on the journey.

Today we celebrate a new beginning. A new year…a new day…a fresh start. That’s a good thing, and I embrace it!

When it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, today also represents a new beginning. A lot of people ate their way through the holidays and have resolved in the new year to start fresh and get back in shape. Read more


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