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Making space for the future

Make space for your futureI saw this quote today and had to share it.

How many of us have such full and busy lives that we have trouble making space for our future? The things that we really, really want but don’t currently have room for. Our intentions – our dreams.

Me! I fall in this camp for sure. It’s a constant balancing act to get clear about what I really, really, really want and then making room and making it a priority. Read more

Come hear my story at Balance for Life

My first speech open to the public!

I frequently get asked if there are opportunities to hear me tell my story in person vs just in my blog. Well now, finally, the answer is YES!

I will be giving my first speech that is open to the public on Saturday, January 19, 2013, from 10-11 a.m. at Balance for Life Fitness Center in Shoreview.

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A balanced life…a passionate life

These days my life is incredibly full, crazy busy and scheduled. But I love it! I thrive on it. For me, work and life balance is more of an unattainable illusion than a goal. My goal is a life with me in the center of the equation that is full of the stuff I love to do and the people I love to do it with, and plenty of down time to recharge and prioritize the relationships that are important to me.

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Balance for Life

Today, we had a fun photo shoot with two members of my personal-transformation team: Julie Gronquist, owner of Balance for Life Fitness Center, and Sandra Swami, my amazing personal trainer.

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The people side of the journey

I am swimming in blog topics this morning and finally chose this one after a Facebook message from my Mom and my experience at the gym yesterday inspired me. Read more

What a difference a year makes

One year ago today, I was…

  • At my all-time heaviest weight ever (exactly 170 lbs more than I weigh today!)
  • Coming off a spell of working seven days a week, often 18 hours a day to build my business – sometimes going weeks with no more than 3-4 hours of sleep per night

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100% – All in!

These past couple of weeks have provided a life lesson in what it means to be “100% – all in.” To reach my health goals (or “Reach my potential,” as the master Leif would say), I am now on one of the strictest nutritional programs since my weight loss journey began and working out at the highest cardio level thus far since I left the Fitness North campus just shy of one year ago. Read more


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