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There’s hustle & bustle. Where are you?

BluefinBay-LakeSuperiorSeasons greetings, peeps! Today I write from my office at the beautiful Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts overlooking Lake Superior. I love it here! And this morning I’m mesmerized by the waves as they roll in and I sip my morning coffee. Lucky girl!

My short solitude is interrupted when I read that there are only 10 days til Christmas. Huh? Yikes! My heart starts to race. Best get on that.

The truth is, I’m more tired than usual at this time of year — emotionally and physically. That makes sense as I study my calendar and realize I’ve only been home and slept in my own bed five nights in the last month.

The holiday season and year-end activities often find us more stressed, full of expectations, and lost in the hustle and bustle. My question — to myself and to you — is: Where are you in all of this hustle and bustle? What are you doing to take care of yourself? Are you in your equation? Read more

Self-compassion is not selfish

It’s necessary!

lori-mountainclimbinggirlAnyone reading this have trouble with self-compassion? Yep, that’s what I thought.

As human beings we’re wired for compassion. We often give it freely to others. Sometimes, we desire/expect it back from others. But rarely are we comfortable giving it to ourselves.

I used to think that self-compassion and self-care as a priority were selfish. I lived my life doing everything for everyone else and I wasn’t EVEN IN the equation of my own life. I was the hamster on the wheel spinning like a crazy person and feeling there was never enough of me to go around — and I weighed 381 lbs! Read more


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