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Be Well on TCL. Welcome Peeps!

Click here to see my transformation story yesterday on Twin Cities Live – KSTP TV – Twin Cities

LoriwithhostsTCLI have a confession to make. I skipped my morning workout.

Yep, instead I went straight to the computer to read and respond to the thoughtful emails, Facebook posts, and blog comments received since sharing my transformation story on KSTP’s Twin Cities Live yesterday.

Let me start this blog by saying: WOW and THANK YOU! I am continually amazed by the outpouring of support 4.5 years into this journey. But mostly, it’s SO COOL to see all of the new folks we’re welcoming into the In the Equation community. Welcome peeps! Read more

Weight loss vs. fat loss. I chose fat loss.

LoriSchaefer-After-6Most of you who have followed my transformation journey know that I lost 200+ pounds, 11 dress sizes, and more than 80% of my body fat in 18 months. The approach of my customized plan was hormonal fat loss aimed at burning stored fat and building muscle while stoking the metabolism so that I didn’t stall or plateau.

Perhaps the most telling number in my journey is the body fat percentage reduction. At my leanest, I had 14.5% body fat – that of a elite female athlete. In maintenance, I am holding at about 18% body fat – still well within that range. Read more

Are we done yet?

(From 63+% body fat to 14.5%)

ITE_Before-After_InstaThe most frequently asked question I get about my transformation these days is: “Are you done yet?”

After dieting for 18 months and losing 211 lbs, people assume I am at goal and “done.” A fair assumption. After all, I did have a party and celebrate my transformation!

This question packs a powerful punch. For me it raises the question: “Are we ever “done?” Or rather, “Are we ever really “there?” Read more

Transformation Confirmed. Whooo Hooo!

Healthy inside and out. Confirmed by hard numbers.

This past week was monumental in my transformation journey. I am basking in the glow of some great numbers that confirm how far I’ve come in just over one year.

On April 1, I received my first body composition analysis via the bod poda state of the art tool that measures and tracks lean body mass. Body-composition testing identifies your body fat and lean mass (muscles, bones, etc.). A person’s body fat percentage is the total weight of your fat divided by your total weight, and consists of both essential body fat and stored body fat. Read more


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