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What is this gym going to teach me today?

“What is this gym going to teach me about myself, today?” — Trainer Bob Harper, Season 16 Biggest Loser

Ready to work out - 2014!

When I heard this quote from my favorite trainer on NBC’s Biggest Loser tonight, I knew I had to finish and hit publish on the blog I started this morning. And I knew that quote had to be the lead.

What a powerful question for anyone (like me…and perhaps you) who once feared, loathed and avoided the gym only to years later “find her best self” in the gym by pushing past mental limits to find her true potential — inside and out. Read more

The 2.5 mile Blue Hill loop

Morning cardio that’s good for the soul

my walking partnerMy preferred time to work out is first thing in the morning. And my preferred method of cardiovascular exercise is fast/power walking — preferably somewhere scenic.

I’ve learned that fasted-state cardio — a cardio workout before I eat breakfast — serves me best throughout the day. The added benefit is that I’m burning stored fat, while at the same time waking up mind, body and soul, and ensuring that I start the day “in my equation.”

These past three weeks, I’ve been blessed with the very best walking partner one could ask for — my Bud. And, the most scenic, soul- energizing route I could imagine in beautiful Blue Hill, Maine. Read more

My In the Equation morning ritual

Cardio with a twist!

Como Lake Light on DucksThis summer I’ve adopted a new morning ritual and this morning I realized it and deemed it as such. It’s my “in the equation” start to every day and it totally works for me.

For almost three months, I’ve evolved my morning routine to include this 45 min ritual. It combines my preferred form of cardio — power walking in a beautiful place, preferably around or near water — with a couple of simple mental practices that help me throughout my day.

Also, because I’m on the move and living part-time in Minnesota and part-time in Maine, it allows me to have a daily practice that is consistent and helps me focus mind, body and spirit before the day ensues — no matter where I am. It helps ground me. Read more

Throwing punches…getting fit

Boxing — an awesome workout for the body & the mind

boxing-glovesMy new favorite fitness routine is boxing. I love it! Surprisingly so.

Yep, this girl who far prefers outdoor cardiovascular exercise — hiking, trail running and power walking — and who couldn’t do jumping jacks in fitness boot camp two and half years ago, doesn’t really like gyms, and definitely doesn’t believe in “hitting people” LOVES a fitness routine that involves punching and jabbing stuff…hard, jumping/dancing around, and doing so indoors. Go figure. Read more


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