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Fa la la latte. Lots a sugar oh my!

cariboucoffee-falatoppedbyyouHappy Monday, peeps! I don’t know about you but on Monday’s I’m thrilled to indulge in a big ol’ cup of coffee before and after my morning walk and workout.

This morning I got up early to walk the lake with a friend and treated myself to a large skim milk latte at Caribou on the way home. Yum! It’s my treat to myself¬† to start the week.

I noticed when I stopped in at my neighborhood Caribou Coffee that the Fa la la for the holidays is in full swing. The gifted marketing team at Caribou is at it again. Check out the NEW awesomeness Caribou is throwing our way. Now, you can get the holiday Fa La Latte (or any holiday flavored latte) with your choice of whip and sprinkled with your choice of flavored chips or candy on top. It’s a Fa La Latte bar of sorts — topped by you.

A very cute gentleman in line before me this morning saw me taking photos of the leader board and said he always wanted to try one. He did. And his comment: “It’s like eating candy!” Read more

What you put out into the world really matters

Your sparkThis morning I was reminded that what we put out into the outer world really matters in how the world responds to us. I just had the best morning, and I can’t stop smiling.

While I awoke feeling not quite rested and wrestling with that voice in my head that did not want to get out of bed and go work out,  I forced myself into action. I decided to be happy that I had the opportunity to work out with a great trainer, at a great fitness studio with people I like, and I could start my work day knowing Lori was in the center of the equation. Read more

Birthday gifts for Lori

This morning I awoke on the North Shore of my beloved Lake Superior a happy, refreshed, and rejuvenated girl. So, on the spur of the moment, I decided to give myself one final birthday gift – an entire weekday morning to myself! No clients, no deadlines, no must dos, no worries. I simply took the morning off for fun and focus on Lori. Read more


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