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Can changing your mind change your health?

YES! Yes it can.

11096514_807560035980415_2402216607578935093_oHow many of us have wished for a magic pill or silver bullet to help us lose weight? Be honest.

I used to wish for it and search for it — sometimes consciously and other times almost unconsciously as I pursued the latest fad diet, weight loss pill, even hypnosis!

But the truth is, the secret to my success was nothing more than…ME. I finally got that I had to change my head game. First, I had to believe that I could and would be successful. Then I changed my focus, my mindset and made myself and my health the priority. That’s when I transformed my body and my life. Read more

I’m a keynote speaker!

It’s true, one of my first speaking gigs is coming up this Nov. 10, 2012 at Girls Gone North Weekend at the Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts. My speech is titled, “Change your equation, reignite your life.” Read more


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