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The power of acceptance

We can’t change what we cannot ACCEPT. And that includes ACCEPTING what we can & can’t control.

I was talking with someone the other day about my transformation journey and five-year anniversary and she fixated on one question: “Aren’t you mad that you have to work so hard to stay healthy and fit and that you’ll struggle with this for the rest of your life?” (No!)

In another conversation recently, a close friend was having a terrible time accepting the reality of depression and was spiraling deeper because of his refusal to accept it. It made me sad.

In a much more trivial moment, I was personally challenged to accept the answer I got from American Honda about a serious defect in my Honda CRV that might cause the engine to blow up and their process for dealing with it. (Don’t even get me started on this one!)

How many of you have had difficulty accepting a misfortune —¬† something you don’t really like or want in your life? Yep, I’m guessing pretty much everyone.

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Kudos to biggest loser Rachel

And anyone who has lost massive weight and kept it off!

rachel-frederickson-mainFinding¬† the delicate balance between healthy living for life (weight maintenance) after massive weight loss and not going too extreme in the other direction is NOT easy. For many of us who have been obese for most of our adult lives, it requires intense self-awareness, focus, diligence, and learning to live and cope in new ways — without using food as a “go to” source of comfort.

On the one hand, it would be so easy to let things slide back into a slippery slope of using food as a crutch to meet emotional needs. Often, that is the addictive personality at work in us. We fear letting things slip to the point of resuming old eating patterns and putting the weight back on. And on the other hand, for many of us, it would be just as easy to become obsessed with watching our weight, working out to extremes, dieting for life, and not finding the new healthy that works for us — both for our bodies and our minds.

There are two extremes that many of us fear. It’s not as simple as losing the weight and going about your business. And if you think it will be, you will likely fall into one of these categories.

So when I see success stories of people who have not only lost massive weight but maintained it, and who are willing to share how difficult this process is, it makes me smile.  And I want my blog readers to know this side of the story as well. Read more

Oooops. Off track. Yikes!

Time to restart! Pull out the non-negotiables. Here we go!

Nonnegotiablequote-loriinequationThe pants are too tight and some clothes don’t fit at all. My regular exercise routine has been temporarily interrupted for medical reasons. My motivation has waned.

The truth is, I’m happy, comfortable and having fun, but not as focused on healthy living, or as diligent about living from the center of my equation as I usually am, and as I need to be. As a result, things are slipping out of my comfort zone.

There is only one answer: Restart! No excuses. No tomorrow. It’s today. Are you with me? Read more

Learning to feed the soul…without food

Lori-Sunsetbeach.jpgI just got back from a fabulous trip to Santa Barbara, California, where I spent a week feeding my soul. I did all of the things I absolute love in one fell swoop – walked the beaches, took in sunsets over the ocean, spent time in the mountains and wine country, shopped, went nightclubbing, met new people, and just chilled. It was awesome. And I am totally on a high right now. My soul is happy! Read more

Food and addiction. Research and hope. Yes!

I want to bust a few myths that some people have about obese people. First off, we don’t choose to be obese. We are not lazy and unmotivated. It is not about lack of willpower or lack of desire to get healthy. Read more

Sometimes it takes an all-out herculean effort

Today, my work day started bright and early by co-leading an all-day strategy session with one client and ended at dinner with another. I was “on” all day. It’s no surprise given this week of high pressure, fast paced back-to-back-to-back meetings with more work in the evenings, that I want to eat. Go off plan. Binge! Read more


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