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Falling in love with one important person

Love yourself moreI read two blogs this past week about love. Both had to do with loving yourself first and foremost so you can then fully give love to others.

This rang especially true for me this past week as I continued to put myself out into the dating world in search of romantic love, and as I coached others struggling to find their own sense of self-love. (Something I, too, struggled with for many, many years.) Read more

What you put out into the world really matters

Your sparkThis morning I was reminded that what we put out into the outer world really matters in how the world responds to us. I just had the best morning, and I can’t stop smiling.

While I awoke feeling not quite rested and wrestling with that voice in my head that did not want to get out of bed and go work out,  I forced myself into action. I decided to be happy that I had the opportunity to work out with a great trainer, at a great fitness studio with people I like, and I could start my work day knowing Lori was in the center of the equation. Read more


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