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The skinny on happiness

Happiness is a deeply personal thing. We all have our own definition of happiness. Most people would describe me as a glass-half-full, optimistic person. And I am by nature. But I became unhappy and glass-half-empty as I got farther and father out of the equation of my own life.

In my experience, happiness is directly linked to how self-aware, self-accepting and self-forgiving you are. When I learned to love myself — really love myself — I became truly happy.

Happiness is a subject I’ve thought about, read about, and actively studied of late. So, imagine my excitement when this cool infographic from Happify on the science of happiness came across my email! I love it. It not only rang true for me, but honestly, I’m living proof of much of the science behind it. A test case, if you will. So I thought it would be fun to share it here.

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A whole life…the best life

“Did you ever in your whole life, think you would have a whole life?”

Lori-ReadytohitroadI was talking with someone close to me yesterday about my recent vacation. As she listened to me reflect on the experience, she said she was reminded of a saying that was displayed on a banner at an Alcoholics Anonymous event. It read: “Did you ever in your whole life, think you would have a whole life?”

I was struck by this observation. Ironically, for the first time in my whole life, I am indeed living a whole life. A whole life vs. a full life. My best life. And for that I am incredibly grateful.

There is a part of me that says, “Wow, this is so cool. I am so lucky. And happy!” And, there’s another part that says, “Holy shit this is a lot of work.” Read more

You’re never too old…

Experiencing a long lists of “firsts” and having a ball!

Loriandboys-DucktourThree mid- summer days spent in a swimsuit/outfit in the Waterpark capitol of the world with two 10-year olds. Standing in line to catapult down an outdoor water slide and an indoor water roller coaster. Fun? Me?

Well, YES! But if you had proposed this to me a couple of years ago, I would have said NO and NOT! And anyone who knows me would have guessed this. But, that was then. This is now! Read more

The daily practice of gratitude

Grateful for courage, compassion, connection; health and happiness
“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you?” — William A. Ward

I’ve started this gratitude blog at least three times this past week/weekend and have suffered a serious case of  writer’s block each time. Today, it gets published no matter how eloquent. The truth is, I get emotional when I think about the magnitude of all that I am grateful for these days.

The season of gratitude is upon us and I have always believed it is important to step back, take stock, and express my gratitude for the gifts and the people in my life. This year, however, one of the greatest gifts is the daily practice of expressing gratitude.

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