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Can changing your mind change your health?

YES! Yes it can.

11096514_807560035980415_2402216607578935093_oHow many of us have wished for a magic pill or silver bullet to help us lose weight? Be honest.

I used to wish for it and search for it — sometimes consciously and other times almost unconsciously as I pursued the latest fad diet, weight loss pill, even hypnosis!

But the truth is, the secret to my success was nothing more than…ME. I finally got that I had to change my head game. First, I had to believe that I could and would be successful. Then I changed my focus, my mindset and made myself and my health the priority. That’s when I transformed my body and my life. Read more

Are you trying to do too much? Be honest.

Busyness vs. whole. I choose whole!

Alexander Ramsey State Park-hike

Hiking Alexander Ramsey State Park

Which of these equals success in your mind?

1) Being busy all the time balancing your busy job/career, your home obligations, the kids/family, volunteering at church…and then when trying to fit in time for a doctor’s appointment or a walk with a friend, you put if off because you realize you have a work deadline and you can’t get it all done. You’re just too busy. Crazy busy!

Or… Read more

Podcast: Lori Schaefer turns 48, loses 211 lbs

014-Lori-SchaeferAfter I shared the short version of my transformation story on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, I had the privilege of sharing a much longer version with Brett Fairell who started the podcast and website titled: “Your Way Weight Loss.”

I met Brett at the Biggest Loser after-party where we swapped transformation stories. Brett lost 173 lbs and his way was the Paleo diet. Like me, Brett is paying it forward, and asked me to be interviewed for his podcast. Here is my full interview titled: Lori Schaefer Turns 48, loses 211 lbs. Read more

Twinklle lights and more

Twinkle lights in Rice Park

Hello peeps. Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year! As you can see by the drought in communication, I took a holiday hiatus to enjoy the twinkle lights and so much more.

I LOVE white twinkle lights! And this past holiday offered lots of opportunity to appreciate them. To me, twinkle lights represent hope, love, joy, and all things sparkly, beautiful and good. This holiday my life was filled with white twinkle lights — both in reality and metaphorically.

From Thanksgiving to this day, I have been immersed in twinkle lights. From a special someone filling his house with them, to decorating my house with lights in every room for Christmas, to Christmas light viewing tours in the neighborhood, to  standing in middle of Rice Park in downtown Saint Paul showered in lights. I have found light in friendship, time with family, and in expressing love to all those who mean so much. Read more

Grateful to be in the equation

Love Yourself-In-the-EquationOne of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself during my transformation is the gift of being and living in the center of my own life. It did NOT come naturally or easy. And I am grateful for it every day.

Some of you will read this and it will be a given. But for many others, this is a foreign concept.

Far too many of us struggle to prioritize ourselves. We focus on doing everything for everyone else and feel there’s simply not enough of us to go around. Perhaps we do this out of self-sacrifice, responsibility to others, or because we feel we have no choice. For some of us, and this was true for me, we do it because we want to be loved and accepted. And we’re looking for that love and acceptance outside ourselves. Read more

The daily practice of gratitude

Grateful for courage, compassion, connection; health and happiness
“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you?” — William A. Ward

I’ve started this gratitude blog at least three times this past week/weekend and have suffered a serious case of  writer’s block each time. Today, it gets published no matter how eloquent. The truth is, I get emotional when I think about the magnitude of all that I am grateful for these days.

The season of gratitude is upon us and I have always believed it is important to step back, take stock, and express my gratitude for the gifts and the people in my life. This year, however, one of the greatest gifts is the daily practice of expressing gratitude.

Read more


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