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For the love of wine, peanut butter and dessert

winewithaviewWine. Peanut butter. Dessert. What do these three delightful things have in common in my world?

A) I LOVE them all! B) I’ve had a rocky relationship with each of them; C) I’ve learned a lot about myself and my body in exploration of, and with, them over the years; D) At least temporarily, I’ve broken up with each one of them; or E) All of the above.

Well, the answer is E — all of the above.

You might find this surprising, but I lost -211 lbs and 80% of my body fat on a diet program where I was NOT totally and completely deprived of these three loves. After I hit my weight-loss goal, and as I’ve worked to maintain a healthy lifestyle, things have gotten more complicated and, yep, a bit rocky.

I’m sharing my personal story with wine, peanut butter and sugary desserts because I’m guessing many of you can relate. You, too, may have foods (or patterns related to food) that worked for you…for awhile — or at least you thought they did — and as you’ve evolved, changed, or as life happens — your relationship with certain foods may also needs to change.

What do I mean? Read more

The breakfast of a fit girl

southwestern scramble

Easy Southwestern Scramble

Or the breakfast of champions, depending on how you look at it! 😉

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Please don’t say nothing!

Six years ago (or more), if you had asked me what I ate for breakfast the answer would vary greatly. One day it might be absolutely nothing but coffee; another day 2-3 egg McMuffin sandwiches at McDonald’s; and on another perhaps a Starbucks Venti Latte with a couple of slices of coffee cake and a muffin.

Truth: I didn’t do much in moderation back then and all too often I skipped breakfast and made up for it later. Can you relate?!

Fast forward to today and ask me the question. It’s a whole different story. For the last five plus years, I’ve eaten pretty much the same thing every day and I love it! Eggs. Read more

Confused about what to eat to lose weight and maintain a healthy body?

Busting common nutrition & diet myths.

By Sandra Swami, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

Feb. 2012 - Balance For Life 172EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a guest blog by personal trainer & wellness coach, Sandra Swami. Sandra helped me achieve my -200+ lb weight loss and I work with her now to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sandra is also a nutritional coach, and when I saw she was teaching a class titled: “Debunking Common Nutrition Myths,” I asked her to write this blog. I’ve heard from many  people post New Year asking, “What should I eat to lose weight?” I get it.

If you’re confused about what to eat, how much, when. Or, don’t know what to believe on food labels and in the nutrition advice you read online, start here. Feel free to post questions and Sandra will answer them.
Read more

Healthy cole slaw with Asian twist

summer salads - healthy cole slawHere’s an “easy peasy” recipe for the best Cole Slaw (sans the mayonnaise) with an Asian kick. It’s yummy and clean for those of us watching our carbs.

Thanks to my friend, personal trainer and health and wellness coach, Sandra Swami, for this one. I had this delightful salad at Sandra’s at a outdoor BBQ and LOVED it!

The best part, it’s sooooooo easy that even I can do it! I’ve made it twice myself with varying degrees of “kick.” It’s fantastic with grilled chicken, or anything on the grill. It has really nice Asian flavors.

This one is NOT boring. Just YUM! Read more

Monday morning motivation – three tips

Three nutritional tips that will change your health and how you feel…for good


Lori Schaefer of speaking at the 2014 O’Neal Hampton Wellness Fair.

Happy Monday morning peeps! Are you ready? It’s going to be a great kick off to a great week! Here’s a little Monday motivation.

This past weekend, I had the privilege of speaking to a small group at the O’Neal Hampton Wellness Fair about my core message: “How to put yourself in the center of your own life and achieve your big, hairy audacious goals.” The Wellness Fair was hosted by O’Neal Hampton of NBC’s Season 9 Biggest Loser — and if you know my story — he was my hope, inspiration and mentor in my transformation journey. The Wellness Fair benefits the O’Neal Hampton Wellness Foundation, check it out. I love to spend time with “Unc” O’Neal and his peeps. And I love sharing my story and helping others who battle some of the same challenges.

Another great speaker at the Wellness Fair was local Fox 9 News fitness and nutrition expert, Ali Holman, of CoreCamper. Ali shared 3 nutritional tips — things you can start doing today — to change your health and fitness trajectory and take care of your body. I loved her speech and, in fact, have shared these same tips with people that I coach when they are just starting out. At the Wellness Fair we promised Ali we would help carry the message. So here you go.

If you make just these three nutritional changes, Ali said, you’ll change your health, see results and feel better. Ali, I totally agree! All three are changes that were part of my nutritional program in the very beginning and they are now my weight maintenance/healthy living program for life. Read more


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