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Staying in the equation when the going gets tough

The challenge & importance of self-care during times of emotional struggle, crisis & pain

ITE_restart_quoteMy beautiful sister (age 51) had a massive stroke last week. I was out of state for business and couldn’t do much to help from afar, except get home. The stress and family dynamics are tough. Emotions come and go, but mostly flood in as we each in our own way try to let reality set in.

Last night, I ate an entire pizza and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. This, of course, was not on my healthy-living, Lori-in-the-equation plan. However, just like old times, I used food to cope with my emotions and then felt guilt over it.

Today, I RESTART! Read more

What’s for dinner? Fresh scallops! Yum.

Tired of chicken? Change it up with fresh seafood recipes — all on plan.

freshscallopsDo you ever find yourself stressed about what to cook for dinner to stay on your diet plan? Or, you work all day and come home to the frig to open the door and wonder – hmmmmm, what’s for dinner?

I plan and prepare my meals in advance for the week – usually on what I fondly call, meal prep Sunday. So I don’t often have that stare at the frig problem. But I eat a lot of lean protein — mostly chicken and turkey — and admittedly I get sick of the same old…

So this week, I changed it up. And YUM! Read more


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