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Living your best life

Living best at 50. Embarking on an adventure of Lori Firsts!

LOCATED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OLD SEVEN MILE BRIDGE TRAVELERS VISIT THE MUSEUM ON PIGEON KEYI am so happy. I’m heading out on winter vacation to Florida with my sweetie where I will embark on many “Lori Firsts!” In preparation for my trip, I picked up reading material for the plane — the February editions of O’ Magazine and People Magazine.

Gracing the cover of People is the most incredible photo of supermodel Christie Brinkley at age 60 in a turquoise swimsuit. Christie sports a bod and a youthful face that make her look 32 not 60. Wow! For someone who grew up watching her grace the cover of every major lifestyle magazine, I couldn’t help buy it to read her story.

On the cover of O’ Magazine is a very sexy and stylish Oprah Winfrey in a skin tight white dress hugging every curve. Love it! (I want that dress.) She looks elegant and sophisticated. I don’t know if she has a body shaper on under that awesome dress, but who cares — you go girl! Oprah also just turned 60 and looks fabulous. Read more

One years sans 200 lbs…my new reality

Taking stock one year after -200+ lb weight loss: Fit, active & healthy…
embracing life & reality from the center of my equation

Lori at one year - first "little" black dressThis is one of the toughest blogs I’ve written in two and a half years. I had intended to post it on the one-year  anniversary of my -211 lb weight loss (May 11, 2013) but it wasn’t ready. The words were not flowing as easily as I had hoped. The truth is, I am more proud of this accomplishment – maintaining my goal weight and living fully in the center of my equation as a healthy, happy and fit “girl” – than I am of getting here in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong. Shedding more than 200 pounds and going from a body fat percentage of 60+% to 14.5%, learning to live in the center of my equation for the first time ever, sharing my story for the world to see, and loving and accepting myself along the way – those are incredible, incredible accomplishments for which I am forever grateful and extremely proud! Life changing. And nothing will diminish that. Read more


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