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May 2015: Milestones, Meaning, and Memories

ITE_Stronger_QuoteI started the month of May with a heartbreak that tested every skill I’ve developed in the last three years at keeping myself in the equation. And I ended the month by speaking at a premier health and fitness event in the Twin Cities providing hope and inspiration to others.

In between, I celebrated three years of keeping off -200+ lbs and living as a fit, healthy, happy and active girl. To honor that milestone, I worked extra hard to keep myself in the equation and fought through the overwhelming urge to throw in the towel and wallow in my pain. Read more

Got sleep?

Boy did I get a lesson in sleep these past few days. It’s so insightful that I have to share.

We all have times when life gets totally nuts, right? People want us, need us, demand us… Earlier this week, I was feeling like there wasn’t enough of me to go around. I couldn’t get to everyone and everything. Read more

A brand new day

Today marks the celebration and one-year anniversary of my Fitness North experience. One year ago today, we were coming into the home stretch of our two week live-in experience, anticipating our final weight loss numbers (I lost 21 lbs while on campus) and considering what it would be like to live in the real world. Read more

I hear ya horse, carbs and mother nature

What do healthy carbs, a horse and mother nature have in common? This week, a reoccurring lesson that Lori is NOT in control!

This past week, I had to dig deep to sustain trust in my program and my program director extraordinaire, Leif Anderson. And, I had to once again learn to give up control. It turns out, I am not in charge of the universe! Damn. And I do better when I recognize and embrace that. Read more

What a difference a week makes!

It’s not surprising that this “journey” to better health and living has its ups and downs. Last week I blogged about two weeks of downs/struggles that caused the scale to move in the wrong direction and me to lose my emotional edge. It also had me worried that health issues (I will spare you the details) would interfere with my plan and progress longer term. Read more

You are on a path

I carved out time this morning to blog as I have so many thoughts swirling in this brain of mine. Turns out no particular topic or words of wisdom are making their way into cohesive thought – just a lot of wondering about where I am on this path and why I am feeling more challenged and tentative about things than I have in some time. Read more

Opportunities for healing, renewal and growth

One of the greatest gifts in my life is the incredible friendships and relationships I have with so many different people. I am a people-focused person and I live in the world of possibilities. My Myers Briggs Personality Type is ENFJ, a person driven by high standards when it comes to understanding and caring about people; understanding, supporting and encouraging others. Read more


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