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Dance First. Think Later.

Lori - Lobster DinnerAs I enjoy my morning coffee and ponder this past incredible week on the coast of Maine, I note the little paperback on my coffee table: “Dance First. Think Later.” Instantly, I smile. This week was all about dancing first, and thinking later. And as a result, I am forever changed.

I read a quote from my journal on the plane as I made my way to Maine for a business planning retreat. It went something like this: “If your dreams were a place, where would you be standing, what would you be doing, and what would you be looking at?”

Have you ever stopped long enough to ask and answer this question? And then had the courage to sit with your answer and just “be” or imagine “being” in that very place? Read more

Quieting the mind, listening to my heart

A place of personal retreatToday I write from a beautiful cabin in the woods on the edge of Lake Superior – my place of personal retreat for the long weekend, thanks to the generosity of some cool people. I decided to take a three-day time out from life to quiet my mind and listen to my heart.

This is not easy to do. It requires detaching from the outside world — including all technology — and sitting quietly…just you and your every thought. It takes time to quiet the outside voices long enough to hear your own. To get in touch with your deepest desires. But when you do, well, it’s pretty remarkable. Read more


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