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The breakfast of a fit girl

southwestern scramble

Easy Southwestern Scramble

Or the breakfast of champions, depending on how you look at it! 😉

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Please don’t say nothing!

Six years ago (or more), if you had asked me what I ate for breakfast the answer would vary greatly. One day it might be absolutely nothing but coffee; another day 2-3 egg McMuffin sandwiches at McDonald’s; and on another perhaps a Starbucks Venti Latte with a couple of slices of coffee cake and a muffin.

Truth: I didn’t do much in moderation back then and all too often I skipped breakfast and made up for it later. Can you relate?!

Fast forward to today and ask me the question. It’s a whole different story. For the last five plus years, I’ve eaten pretty much the same thing every day and I love it! Eggs. Read more

Protein & weight loss. Myth vs. fact.

Test your knowledge with this cool protein quiz

leanprotein-1024x999How well do you know your facts about protein & its role in weight loss? If you’re a little sketchy on the facts and subscribe to a few of the myths, don’t worry, you can learn. I did!

When I first started my transformation journey more than five years ago, I could barely list the lean proteins vs healthy fats vs carbs. And I certainly didn’t know my protein fact from myth, nor did I understand how important this macronutrient is to weight loss.

To me, protein is the super macronutrient  and learning about it was key to both my losing 200+ lbs and keeping it off. Not only is protein is a key component of every cell in your body. It gives you energy, repairs bones and muscles, and helps build a strong immune system. It also can be a key component in weight loss — if you know which proteins are lean and healthy, how much to eat, and when. Read more

What’s your favorite “perfect” food?

Have you ever played the board game Personal Preference? It was popular in the early 1990’s. In the game, each player ranks four items (words on cards from four stacks–food, famous people, etc) according to his/her personal preference. After secretly ranking the items,  everyone else bets on where the items will fall within the ranking for that individual. My family used to play this game and my favorite category to both rank for myself and guess for other people was food. No surprise, right?! Read more


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