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I do hard things…

…and I’m better, stronger for it! #bravegirl

LoriandAnneonMountaintopMy friend Anne coined the phrase, “Hard is fun.” In her awesome Ten Centuries blog (which you can read here), she explains that by stretching our limits, conquering fear, and setting big, difficult goals – we learn all kinds of interesting things about ourselves. And for many, like Anne, hard is fun.

I share Anne’s tenacity for life. The “new Lori” does hard things. I seek adventure. Look for opportunities to conquer my fear. Say yes more than no. And run head strong into difficult things instead of running away from them.

Finally, I have confidence in myself and my abilities to live life to the absolute fullest. Even, and especially, when that means doing hard things.

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Falling in love with one important person

Love yourself moreI read two blogs this past week about love. Both had to do with loving yourself first and foremost so you can then fully give love to others.

This rang especially true for me this past week as I continued to put myself out into the dating world in search of romantic love, and as I coached others struggling to find their own sense of self-love. (Something I, too, struggled with for many, many years.) Read more


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