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Time to up the ante on self-care & self-renewal

Spring: A time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and renewal. You in?

Ahhhhhhh Spring. It’s finally here! I don’t know about you, but I need a fresh start.

Many of us love Spring for what it represents in terms of new beginnings, rebirth and renewal. Spring brings longer days, warmer temperatures and sunshine; greening of the grass, trees and fields; fresh buds and blooms sprouting as if to say “hello” or “hey, pay attention to me;” animals awakening and birds and ‘peepers’ serenading us in song — in essence the earth seems to come to life again.

Spring is known as the season of new beginnings in part because of this rebirth and renewal, and in part because of the equinox. The Spring, or Vernal, Equinox occurs around March 20 in the Northern Hemisphere. (Though if you live in MN, Spring just arrived this past weekend.)

I love Spring for it’s reliability, if not predictability. But mostly, I love it for the symbolism of rebirth and renewal. A chance to start fresh, and with that comes hope, inspiration and anticipation — something I truly need this year.

Bye Bye Winter Blahs! Time to Refocus, Restart & Renew the Commitment Thy Self Read more

Spring in my step

Pink flamingos in spring windMy neighbor’s new bright red door. Poetry carved in the sidewalk. The sound of kids at the playground. An 8′ x 8′ sunken shack in Como Lake. More than 30 pink flamingos (yard ornaments), clearly the casualty of a brisk spring wind.

These are just a few of the sights and sounds from my afternoon walk around my beloved Como Lake neighborhood. All these sights and sounds have added spring to my step and a boost to my mindset after a cruel winter.

Yes, it’s only 37 degrees at 5 p.m., the wind is brisk, and the forecast calls for rain and sleeting snow tomorrow. But I’ve decided, screw the weather forecast. The first day of spring was officially March 20, 2014 (according to the astronomical definition). It’s here. And it’s time to put some spring in my step. Read more

Spring has sprung…time to renew you

Lori's first ever XC ski I absolutely love spring! It’s a time of renewal, freshness, opportunity and transition. A time of readying for what comes next (summer…). And a time where, if you pay close attention, you will see something new – blooming, budding, building, growing – around you at any given moment. Maybe even you! 😉

This week I returned from a business trip to melting snow and temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s. I immediately filled my house with my favorite fresh flowers and budding plants (blue hydrangeas and tiger lillies), got a cute and sassy color and haircut from my awesome stylist Justine, took time out of my crazy work schedule to spontaneously connect with friends, and made the “Lori spring projects” list – all projects that focus on me! Oh yes, and prepped for the tax appointment. Read more

Life Anew

As I’m driving home from my morning workout to ready for the day, I am struck by the gorgeous spring blossoms budding on the trees, the bushes, the flowers. My neighborhood is like a spring kingdom with freshness, newness and life everywhere. I love spring! It feels like a chance to start anew with a clean, fresh slate and blossom and bud for the world to see. Sounds corny when you write it, I know. But I’m a little nutty that way and I LOVE that about me! Read more


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