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Basking in the glow

One week ago today, I was in mid makeover with Minnesota Monthly Magazine and getting ready for my transformation celebration weekend at Surfside on Lake Superior. Today, I am home and basking in the glow of one of the most incredible weekends of my life.
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Celebrating & unpacking the emotion behind the big pants

Last weekend I had the chance to “hang” with my FN 2 gal pals and our program director, Leif Anderson, in celebration of our one year FN reunion at Surfside on Lake Superior. This is where it all went down and my life began to change – for real and forever. Read more

10 months…150 lbs lighter…goal in sight

I simply had to mark this point in the journey (yes, Rochelle, I called it a journey!). Ten months ago today — Nov. 28, 2010 — I officially started my Fitness North program at Surfside on Lake Superior and learned exactly what I am capable of — physically and emotionally. The answer is: Absolutely anything! Read more

Before and During!

I promised myself I wouldn’t let too many weeks go by without a blog. This blog is both documentation of my journey and a key part of taking stock along the way while paying it forward. These past two weeks have been great. Absolutely great!

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Celebrating progress not perfection

It’s been awhile and it’s time to write. This morning as I gaze out my window at a vanishing site line of Lake Superior, I am able to let in the power and strength of the water and stop for a moment to focus on my progress on this journey to better health and better living. Read more

Missing my Fitness North peeps

Hanging out at Surfside in Unit 7 alone tonight working after my “short” cardio workout in the Fitness Center and totally missing my Fitness North peeps. Thought I would post these photos to share some of the journey with you all. Reflections coming later this week as I end my time on the shore and re-enter my home life. Read more

My Fitness North 2 Finale

Wow, what a journey this has been these past two weeks! A journey to the heart, to the head, and to better health. After just two weeks here, I feel stronger and healthier inside and out. There is no question that I will be successful as I continue on the path to my goal. This is my time. The resolve is incredibly strong. Read more

You are exactly where you need to be

I arrived at Fitness North boot camp today and my personal journey has officially begun. As has my new relationship with my beloved Surfside on Lake Superior. Up until today, my trips to Surfside Resort have always been about work (and fun)…this time the work is me! Yikes. Read more


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