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What is this gym going to teach me today?

“What is this gym going to teach me about myself, today?” — Trainer Bob Harper, Season 16 Biggest Loser

Ready to work out - 2014!

When I heard this quote from my favorite trainer on NBC’s Biggest Loser tonight, I knew I had to finish and hit publish on the blog I started this morning. And I knew that quote had to be the lead.

What a powerful question for anyone (like me…and perhaps you) who once feared, loathed and avoided the gym only to years later “find her best self” in the gym by pushing past mental limits to find her true potential — inside and out. Read more

Exercise: Making it fun…for life

Winter is fast approaching and I have been making plans for my exercise routine on those days that I just can’t bring myself to bundle up and walk/hike outside. Daily cardio in the gym (elliptical and treadmill) was a key part of my training program when I was in fat loss, and though I don’t enjoy it quite as much as being in the great outdoors, I know it is a necessity. So, I either bundle up or bring it into the gym. Read more

Embracing my competitive spirit & mud to boot!

Most people who know me would say that I haveĀ a competitive side. Some might argue that is the understatement of the year! I like to think of it is a “healthy competitive spirit” (smile) and I KNOW it is one of the qualities that led to my success in losing 200+ pounds over the past 18 months.

Read more


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