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May 2015: Milestones, Meaning, and Memories

ITE_Stronger_QuoteI started the month of May with a heartbreak that tested every skill I’ve developed in the last three years at keeping myself in the equation. And I ended the month by speaking at a premier health and fitness event in the Twin Cities providing hope and inspiration to others.

In between, I celebrated three years of keeping off -200+ lbs and living as a fit, healthy, happy and active girl. To honor that milestone, I worked extra hard to keep myself in the equation and fought through the overwhelming urge to throw in the towel and wallow in my pain. Read more

Running on faith

Good morning peeps. Saw this online yesterday and it spoke to me. I need this reminder today. I am telling myself to trust the process and have faith. It will all work out as it should. I love how sometimes the perfect quote comes along just when you need it. Have a great day.

Sometimes all you can do

Quote of the day…perfect fit

Do you ever feel like the universe provides exactly what you need when you need it?

One of my principles for transforming your body and your life is to make sure your heart and mind are open so you can see the possibilities when they show up in your life. For me, that was key to even getting off the ground and getting started. Read more


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