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Monday Motivation: We’ve got this!

Operation Restart Today

How do those three simple words “We’ve got this!” — or the singular counterpart, “You’ve got this!” — inspire so many people?  I say this mantra to myself and to those I work with on a regular basis. But I also hear the phrase often from others. Even Caribou Coffee now has it printed on a t-shirt.

For me, the phrase is positive, affirming, and encouraging. It’s the counter to the negative self talk I used to practice subconsciously. And, it makes you truly believe you can do it (because you can!). That’s the key.

This morning I’m writing for myself and for all of you out there who are feeling off track and in need of a serious RESTART. A reboot. Yes, already! Yes, in February. And yes, it’s okay if you need a little inspiration or motivation help. Join the club — the In-the-Equation Restart Club — I just made that up, but let’s do it, today!

The key is learn how to positively get yourself back on track when you slip — whether it’s one time, one day, one week, or you’ve totally fallen off the healthy bandwagon. It’s okay. Really. The most important thing is what are you going to do about it right now. I assert that the best thing to do is forgive yourself and RESTART.

What do I mean by RESTART? Read more

Getting back to basics

Appreciating the journey, not just the destination

It's ok brave girl - listen to your heartI am passionate, goal driven and focused. I approach pretty much everything in life now by going 100% all in! Those of you who know me personally, know this to be true and sometimes tease me about it.

On Aug. 4th, after getting in touch with my deepest desires and re-prioritizing life, I embarked on a 28-day personal challenge to intensely re-focus on me. I decided to take both my physical and mental game to a whole new level.

I am now about half way through that challenge and still having to fight for it every day. It requires more focus and is harder than I thought. Read more


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