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Monday Motivation: We’ve got this!

Operation Restart Today

How do those three simple words “We’ve got this!” — or the singular counterpart, “You’ve got this!” — inspire so many people?  I say this mantra to myself and to those I work with on a regular basis. But I also hear the phrase often from others. Even Caribou Coffee now has it printed on a t-shirt.

For me, the phrase is positive, affirming, and encouraging. It’s the counter to the negative self talk I used to practice subconsciously. And, it makes you truly believe you can do it (because you can!). That’s the key.

This morning I’m writing for myself and for all of you out there who are feeling off track and in need of a serious RESTART. A reboot. Yes, already! Yes, in February. And yes, it’s okay if you need a little inspiration or motivation help. Join the club — the In-the-Equation Restart Club — I just made that up, but let’s do it, today!

The key is learn how to positively get yourself back on track when you slip — whether it’s one time, one day, one week, or you’ve totally fallen off the healthy bandwagon. It’s okay. Really. The most important thing is what are you going to do about it right now. I assert that the best thing to do is forgive yourself and RESTART.

What do I mean by RESTART?

A restart is when you pick yourself up and get right back on track after slipping or falling off your plan — whether that is healthy living or something else. It works for almost any type of big goal. The ‘restart’ is a positive and reaffirming way to get back on track without beating yourself up, using it as in excuse to go rogue, or telling yourself you can’t do it and you’re a failure.

For me it was both a mindset shift from negative self-talk and self-sabotage to a positive and affirming act of self-kindness that allowed me to get back on track without excuses. I had to practice it for a while until I got to the place where it became the norm when I screwed up or got off track. It replaced the negative self-talk and it can make ALL the difference to your overall success.

We’re all human and thus we’re going to screw up from time to time — whether that’s falling out of the habit of healthy eating, not working out, working too much, or not getting enough sleep. Instead of beating yourself up and telling yourself you can’t, try picking yourself up with self-compassion and getting right back in the zone.

Every time I restart I tell myself: “You’ve got this, Lori. You’ve been here before and you know the way.” I no longer allow myself to get stuck in excuse mode or expect perfection. I am not perfect and it’s okay. I am awesome and I know the way back to my healthy habits – what I call the zone. So now I use the restart as a positive way to show myself how tuly awesome and capable I am. It works and it feels so much better than the negative self-talk.

Restart Tip: Do it once, then again, and again. 3x is the charm!

When I restart, I remind myself of my basic healthy habits and what I need to focus on to get back there. Then, I go 100% all-in and clean it up. I write down my short list of non-negotiables and post it where I can see it every day. Then I go for it. For one full day, no excuses.

After one day I feel better but usually not quite back in the zone. So I do it again, and again. Usually, after three solid days — taking one day at a time — I am feeling good and wondering how I ever got off track. That’s when my healthy habits kick back in and I am truly in the zone.

Try this and see if it works for you. Breaking it down to one solid day at 100% all-in living by those non-negotiables, and then another, and another — this almost always works for me. If I do one day and then mess up the next. I restart again in the same positive way WITHOUT beating myself up or giving in to those Gremlin voices.

Feb. 27 is your day. Our day!

One more tip — don’t wait until tomorrow or plan it out. Just do it. Today is a great day to restart. So, let’s get it…today. Yes, planning and prep is really important, but so is action. So ask yourself, do you really need to wait? Or can you use this blog and this motivation, and this day, to make yourself proud!

Make TODAY your 100% all-in day. Start with your list of non-negotiables — you know, the things that you have slipped on and need to recommit to that are in your plan. Then, just do it. Take that short list and go 100% all-in to get your healthy habits back. No excuses. I’m with you. Let’s get it.

And yep, we’ve totally got this! So are you in? Let me know.

Get back in the zone, read more on my 5 tips for the successful restart.


Cheers to the restart. #motivationmonday


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