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Time to restart!

And not because it’s Monday, but because you CAN!

ITE_restart_quoteWithout question one of the greatest gifts of my transformation journey — and my overall success at losing and keeping off 200+ pounds — is the ability to restart. So today for motivation Monday, it’s all about the restart.

What do I mean? Restart. Reset. Forgive yourself and get right back up and keep moving toward your goal. Because you totally CAN!

For most of my adult life, I was on a diet of some sort or feeling bad that I had fallen off the wagon and then I was busy telling myself I was a failure and couldn’t do it. I used my slips and falls on the diet as an excuse to throw in the towel, and as proof that I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t measure up. I couldn’t do it.

We all know that’s b u l l _ _ _ _ ! But, these internal tapes were strong and kept me in the yo-yo dieting world for more than 30 years. Worse, they kept me in the camp of believing that I wasn’t good enough.

Until I changed my head. Once I finally accepted that I’m not perfect, and in fact perfection is not the goal, that’s when things shifted. Only then, was I able to embrace and love my imperfections, my screw ups, and instead of using them as excuses, I used them as evidence that I was strong and determined and could “get right back on the horse.”

When I got my mind around the ability to restart, it became my greatest gift and greatest secret weapon. And not just on my diet, but in living a healthy life with Lori in the equation and following my biggest and wildest dreams. I no longer listened to the voice that said “I couldn’t,” or “I was a failure.” In fact, I set out determined to prove that internal voice wrong and replace that destructive tape with a new one focused on how Kick _ _ _ I am. And I did!

If I can change this lifelong pattern of negative self talk and learn to restart and reset, so can you. Below are a few of my favorite motivational quotes for embracing your imperfections, your internal strength and seeing your ability to restart as a great gift.

And, yes, I am blogging about this today, Monday, Aug. 24, because I need a restart and a reset myself. And I totally know the way. I tell you. I hold myself accountable. And here we go!

Happy Monday peeps. Make this a fabulous in-your-equation week. And if you’re with me on the restart, let me know. Let’s support each other.




P.S. Check out the motivational gallery for the “restart” below. We’ve got this!

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