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Being tested or opportunity to hone my skills?

Funny where life’s opportunities for growth pop up and when.

After 15 months of walking the path of putting myself at the center of the equation, I am now being tested beyond belief. Everything I have learned, worked for and journeyed toward is coming up for me today as an opportunity to once again – power through, work the program, and do what I need to do.

When there is not enough of me to go around. When everyone wants/needs a piece of me. I feel that if I sleep I won’t get it all done. There is no time to work out. And, I look in the mirror and wonder why I couldn’t have better skin.

In these very moments, I must hold myself in the center of the equation and continue to walk the path I know to be true. I do my very best with my God given talent and reasonable time, and then I let the voices shout, people tug at my pant leg, and the work pile. Because in the end, I will be more productive, creative, strategic, happy, balanced, compassionate…for having done so. And because I believe that with Lori in the equation, it WILL all work out.

There is no question this week is difficult. I will disappoint some people. I might not get every work out in, but I will take one moment, one step at a time and stay focused on the goal. And I believe it will all work out. The gift of these times of struggle is that we truly get to practice our skills. And I am getting so great at putting myself in the equation, I think someone is trying to ratchet it up so I get even better, even stronger and can help more people by example.

Today, I take that challenge and consider it a gift that this week I am practicing and honing my skills. I have moved from beginner to intermediate to advanced at putting Lori in the equation! 🙂

Anyone else struggling today?


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