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Blogless in Saint Paul. Not!

Hi all,

I have been getting lots of questions lately about why the blogging hiatus. It’s simple: I am writing a book. Yay! Before you get too excited, it is a self-published book. The documentation of my personal transformation journey during the last 16+ months as told through before, during and after photos and my blog.It is the story of how I put myself back into the equation and transformed my life from the inside out, and its shows a timeline of personal transformation that is not only possible, but totally doable! (If for me, then for you.)

The book will be unveiled to family and friends at my thank you/celebration party May 12 at the Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts (only three weeks from today!).

And, it will travel with me as I speak, write and inspire others toward their own personal transformation. Finally, I am hoping it is step one to a more public book of my personal transformation story. All aimed at helping others put themselves in the equation and experience the kind of life-altering joy and limitless possibilities I am attracting right now.

It has been a labor or love and would not have been even within the realm of possibility without my dear friend, confidant, sorority sister, and documentary photographer, and book designer – Jean Voxland. Jean has been with me on this journey as my friend and a “lion” in my den of supporters from day one. But she has played a much more profound role than I think even she recognizes. She has seen me (and photographed me) in times of struggle, in times of triumph, and she has photo-shopped images of me more than any other human being! She knows ALL my little secrets!

The truth is, I couldn’t be more blessed to have this amazing and talented friend by my side throughout this journey and I thank God every day that she is hanging in there during these challenging days of trying to get the book done and to the printer before her daughter’s wedding. Jean, I adore you and want others to know you as I do. I simply can’t wait for the party where we get to celebrate together and everyone gets to meet you in person.

For those of you looking to my blogs for some hope, inspiration, tips, I apologize for the hiatus and I remind you what my mentor, friend and inspiration O’Neal Hampton told me at the beginning of this journey – we’ve totally got this! I promise I will be back very soon. I have 3-5 blogs in the making and my journey continues as I work the plan each and every day. I don’t believe we are ever “done,” just in a different phase. More coming on this topic soon!

Before I sign off, I wanted to share some of my before, during and after shots that will make their way into the book. Thanks for hanging in there with me. And I promise not only will there be new blog content, soon, but the book – well, it will be awesome. Can’t wait to share it. I am just getting started! So much more to come from this new fit and active girl who is hell bent on changing the world, one transformation at a time.

Big hugs for a sunny and positive day. The law of attraction is at work in my life today and I am feeling incredibly blessed.


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