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Cardio in the rain

Good for the soul – therapeutic, cleansing, metaphorical

the pathI made a pact with myself this week that I was going 120+% all in, no matter what. Focus, focus, focus. In part, to help with my head game. In part, to stay on track with me in the equation during some challenging and stressful days.

So up at 5:30 a.m. and outside for cardio in the steady rain before my training session I went. And, just like the lawns and plants in Minnesota — this was a much needed drenching.

My walk was refreshing (wet), therapeutic (I was the only soul out in the downpour) and cleansing (clear the mechanism). And, it was exactly what I needed on this Monday morning as I ponder life and try to keep my footing by staying grounded in gratitude.

It turns out, I found beauty — real beauty — in unlikely places.


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  1. Third time trying to post a comment – which is why I rarely comment because it is too frustrating!

    I just got back from taking Freddie for a run in the rain. We both loved it – nice and cool and the trails all to ourselves! Freddie is happy when there is ANY kind of water involved 🙂 I think that going outdoors in all types of weather conditions makes you happier, fitter, calmer, and you have SOOOO much more fun that staying indoors! I’m so grateful to live in a city with beautifully maintained parks and trails (Shoreview) and have a puppy (Freddie) who is joy in action whenever he is outside playing!!!! We should all take lessons from him!

    August 11, 2014
  2. I love reading honest posts like this. Well done you for getting up at 5.30 to do your cardio. The best time to do it, I hope you didn’t do too much high heart rate exercising before your breakfast!


    August 12, 2014

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