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Each rep, each set, each step

I came across this quote online and at the same time discovered Erin Stern. Holy crap that girl is fit! Of course I had no idea who she was until I googled. And, I am quite certain the old me would have judged her upon appearance alone quite harshly (perhaps out of jealousy).

Yes, I am sorry to admit that had I known she was the 2010 Figure Olympia Champion, I might not have given her inspirational words a second look. But, I am in the process of finding Fit Girl Lori and thus I chose to be totally inspired by Erin Stern, the athlete.

I am starting a new phase of my program and will need to hit it extra hard in the gym. Bottom line, I am going to “kick it” this week and leave nothing on the field. (Who is this person typing this blog – and where did Lori go?! 🙂 Thanks to Erin Stern, my mantra will be: Concentrate on each rep, each set, and each step. After all, I am a fit girl.

Each rep, each set, each step

I own it – do you see?
I’m not training for “almost,” “not quite,”
or “maybe.”
Each rep, each set, each step –
Closer to victory.
… So, on I fight –
Me vs. me.
Leaving nothing on the field –
Only sweat.
Giving more than my all –
No regret.
Pushing for the day I find
The body in the mirror
Mirrors the one I see in my mind.
I own it – and I’ll never rest
Until I’m better than my best….

–By Erin Stern

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