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I weighed more than an NFL Defensive Lineman

LoriSchaefer-Before-AtWorkIn honor of Throwback Thursday, I’m throwing it back to one of the very few “before” photos that I have of me weighing 381 lbs — more than an NFL Defensive Lineman! (I’m on the far left, and yes, that’s Naomi Tutu & my team next to me at a work event.)

I didn’t allow my photo to be taken much when I was this weight, so this is a rare post. I’m posting it in honor of #tbt, but also to remind me what is possible when we get our mind and our thinking straight.

I am living proof that anything is possible when we put ourselves in the center of the equation of our own life. When we take care of our health, our wellness, our happiness, first — before we take care of everyone and everything else.

LoriSchaefer-After-2014It’s hard for me to post this photo, but today it is necessary. Sometimes we need a physical reminder of how far we’ve come and how awesome we are!

My goal is to stay in my equation and true to myself, even when the going gets hard. And, to provide hope and inspiration for any of you really struggling, just like I was years ago.

Today, I am a fit, active, happy and healthy girl. And I am living squarely in the center of my equation and loving all of it — even the hard stuff. Because look at me and know it is possible!

Connect with me here if you’re struggling and want support. We’ve got this!

Have a great day, peeps!



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