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Living from intention, not “old” habits

ITE_Intention_QuoteHappy Monday Morning peeps! My wish for you — and for me — this week is to live life more from intention and less from habit. That’s how change starts. And then those intentions can become NEW healthy habits.

This is not just one of my favorite motivational quotes, but also the key to living a WHOLE life, not just a busy one. It’s the place where real change takes place.

When we focus on what we really, really, really want and establish that as a clear intention and non-negotiable, we give ourselves permission to go for it and a clear path to live more from intention and less from habit.

Along the way, we become more mindful, more aware of what we’re practicing that is working (or not) on the path to this intention, and we begin to open ourselves up to the possibilities and the opportunities presented to us.

This is not easy. Indeed, we are wired for short-term gratification and our habits drive us. But intention works. It begins to take hold of us and something inside shifts.

I find that when I am struggling emotionally it is far harder to live with intention vs. from old habits. I am in one of those places now. So, this blog today is for me and for you. A gentle reminder of the positive shift that takes place when we set a clear intention and go for it.

Recommit to it every day, multiple times a day. Share it with a close friend or partner. Write it on your wall or on a sticky note on your computer. Do whatever it takes to keep that intention in your mind and heart every day.

Let today be the day. This be the week — that YOU put yourself in the equation and live more from intention and less from habit. I’m right there with ya.


Cheers! Blessings for a fantastic In-Your-Equation week.



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