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Love the one you’re with: #operationlovemycity


Working in the new Vandalia Tower in St. Paul on the Green Line. Artsy & so cool!

Good Monday morning peeps! Coming to you this morning live and rested after a glorious weekend in Mpls.-St. Paul, MN! The weather was sunny and gorgeous — high 70’s to 80 degrees. Everything is a bloom and summer is in full swing. I love my city. And I have missed it.

While I’ve lived in Mpls-St. Paul — the Twin Cities — for 30+ years (since college), in the past few years I’ve lost touch with it. This happened slowly and almost without notice for several reasons. First, I travel for business and that takes me out of my city on many weekends. While I absolutely love to travel, it does keep me from my home city on summer weekends and I often miss great summer events, activities and festivals.

Also, another place totally stole my heart. I’ve always loved Downeast Maine, but these past three years I’ve spent more time in Maine in the summer/fall than in MN and — unannounced to me — my heart took serious root there. I’m an ocean girl and find myself thinking of and longing for Maine almost every day. All of this has made me feel more disconnected from where I actually live full-time.

Love the one you’re with

artawhirl 2016 with Sal

My first Art-a-Whirl in NE Mpls!


The most beautiful spot on the Mississippi River in Cottage Grove, who knew?

This summer I will be rooted in Mpls-St. Paul with far less travel and I’ve decided to go all in. I’m on a mission to embrace and rediscover all the things I love and have loved about my Twin Cities. I call this fun adventure to explore new parks, trails, bikeways, art, adventure, events and eats: #operationlovemycity and #operationrediscovermycity. I started this past weekend and had a blast as you can see by my posts, here.

Why is this mission important? I’ve been letting my mind follow my wandering heart and that has prevented me from being present in the moment and enjoying where I live to the fullest. It’s time to love the one you’re with — or move. The Twin Cities is a fabulous and bustling place, with great people. For 15 years, I’ve lived in the most beautiful Como Lake Neighborhood, walking distance to my beloved Como Lake and the Zoo we visited growing up. I love it here and you’ve seen me blog about it. But I’ve noticed of late that my little Como Lake is different every day. The people, the wildlife, the sights and sounds — so again, I’m rediscovering it with fresh and grateful eyes. #gratefulgirl

Why am I blogging here about this personal adventure? Good question. Because I think all too often we get disconnected from our physical environment and surroundings, and in some ways that contributes to us being disconnected from our lives. Community and connection are two really important parts of this journey to put yourself in the equation and live in the present. Sometimes it’s a challenge to live in the present, while at the same time balancing your future hopes and dreams. My goal is to live full- or part-time on the ocean — it always has been — and it’s quite likely Downeast Maine will win out.

It’s awesome to have goals and dreams, to have the opportunity to travel and see and do new things and meet new people — I’ve done a lot of it these past four years as I’ve lived in my equation with the motto: “I lived. I did it all!” But, this focus has allowed me to get lazy about my connection to my city and my community. And I’m not okay with it. I think loving the one you’re with and dreaming of new places should be a balance until you’re ready for a change. And for many reasons, I’m not there quite yet.

So, this is a little Monday morning motivation for you — and for me. If you’re feeling disconnected from your community or just want to have some fun rediscovering it — the people, places and things — that make you happy and feel connected. Join me in #operationlovemycity and #operationrediscovermycity. Let’s start a movement!

It’s easy to play — explore what is fun and makes you happy in your city/community. Post here and/or join me on Facebook and Twitter! Just tag and share your favorite experiences of falling in love again with your city — wherever you live. It will be fun to see a summer of re-connection. And, I’m guessing you’ll be feeling more alive, grateful and present as a result.

Cheers! Happy discovery and re-discovery.



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  1. You know how much I love these cities. My SoCal family and friends have thought I was crazy but now even they have started appreciating our Twin Cities from all my posts. I love the mix of gorgeous nature in our backyards juxtaposed with fantastic arts of all manner. Friday night I was at a modern dance concert at the world class theater, Cowles Center for Dance, seeing the wonderful TU Dance Compay. Wow!!!! Then Saturday at the superb Ordway Theater for beautiful music by the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra! There is never a shortage of great things to do! And unlike in many other cities, the tickets are available and not hugely expensive!!! #operationlovemycity

    May 23, 2016
  2. Sandra, I know, and I figured you’d be among the first to post, tag and share your adventures! 😉

    May 23, 2016

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