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Motivation Monday: Inspiring success stories!

ITE_YouCan_QuoteWhen it comes to health and well being, people define success differently. To some, it’s about weight loss — the number on the scale. To others, it’s how strong and fit, they feel. For many others, it’s about improving the numbers and lowering risk factors for chronic disease. For some, it’s how much they can bench press? And so on.

For me, success is living from the center of my equation and prioritizing my health and wellness — especially when the going gets tough. It’s been an internal journey as much as an external or physical one. The changes on the inside are as important to me (or more) as the changes on the outside.

People often ask me how I’ve been successful at both losing 200 lbs and keeping it off — for three years, now. I tell them — by working at it, every day! By making myself the priority instead of last on the to do list. I am better for myself and those in my life. Everything is better!

The truth is, success is intensely personal. Everyone’s story and personal journey is different. And it doesn’t much matter if others think you can be successful. It matters if YOU think you can. The first step toward success for almost everyone is to believe you can do it and then go all in!

I wrote about the personal side of success in a series of blogs one year ago. I’m sharing the series here again in quick links below so you can be inspired by many different stories of struggle, triumph and success. Read the stories of my friends Kathy, Kendra, Dean and Lori — and I know you’ll get motivated and find a lot you can relate to!

I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to cheer and support these amazing people. Like me, they all consider this a lifelong journey and a work in progress. And, like me, they continue to experience both success and struggle along the way. It is my pleasure to share their stories again with you today.

I’d love to hear from you — where and how have you been successful? Talk to me here in the comments section below, or on our In the Equation Facebook page. Remember, we’ve got this!

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