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New life…at Como and everywhere

My walk around Como Lake this early morning was simply spectacular and I couldn’t wait to get home and blog about it. First of all, the morning couldn’t have been more glorious – high 60’s or 70 degrees and sunny with a light breeze and a calm and quiet lake. Gosh I LOVE this place!

What I noticed this morning is that there was new life everywhere…and for me that was rather symbolic. Around the first bend of the lake I noticed 3 sets of mama ducks and their babies lounging and playing in the calm lake. The next corner brought baby bunnies and mama not too far away snacking on breakfast while keeping a watchful eye. Later, more families of ducks and geese gathered on the shore – perhaps also scrounging for breakfast. The water was glistening, the air fresh and clean and Lake Como’s Restoration Habitat Shoreline Project well under way.

I also noticed that I personally spring to life when I take these early morning walks around my beloved lake. I spend my time thinking about things — focusing on my program and what comes next, how I will look and feel when done, how I will celebrate and with whom, when — including parties, makeovers and travel. What my makeover will look like? What new adventures will come my way personally and professionally? My mind is fresh and brimming with ideas.

I close my eyes and breath deeply as I think of my Women’s Leadership Community and, in particular, Margy Nelson one of the leaders of our cohort who introduced me to the mind and body connection in a way I hadn’t embraced before. For Margy, I close my eyes and do a BAQ. I think of inviting my new women friends —  who I don’t see much anymore because of our busy lives — to join me on one of these walks. How cool would that be?! I think about inviting my friend Shari from FN, who has been my partner, mentor and friend on this journey walking nearly an identical path, to join me for a makeover when we reach our next big milestone. Fun!

Cheerfulness is a general part of my personality and it has never been a problem to conjure it up when I am centered and happy, but I can also get pretty stressed and crabby on occasion. On these walks, at the start of each new day, I am always cheerful, centered, excited to see what comes next. Today my goal is to bottle that and hang on to it during the stressful and challenging moments sure to come as I try to build a business. Holding that cheerfulness, I greet my fellow walkers and lake travelers. And yes, there are still more men than women! Yeah.

Today on the way back from the lake, I saw a father chasing his young son around the yard, picking him up and swinging him in the air. He was in his dress clothes, clearly headed to work but he took time to play with his son to start the day. It made me smile and think of Jimbo and Jack, and all of my other men friends who are good dads.

Everywhere I looked and everything I saw this morning on my walk was a sign of new life, and new beginnings. I am so hopeful for myself, my friends Shari, Carrie, Sue, Phillip and my other FN friends (under the guidance and support of O’Neal and Leif)….for all of us who have shared this journey. There will indeed be new life, new beginnings, new chapters yet to imagine. For me, there already have been. The future is bright because we are changed and changing, and we are so strong. I am excited for what comes next! And every time I walk around my beloved Como, I bring that hope and each of these people with me in spirit.

Who wants to join me on the next walk? Application process is wide open… Have a great day everyone and enjoy the new life that surrounds you. Cheers!

P.S. Yesterday, Monday, June 13 I started chapter 2 of my journey. New plan, Leif’s guidance, my Twin Cities trainers in place – and a new VERY exciting chapter. My sister is joining me for leg 2 of the journey. I can’t wait to tell you about it. But now, I must work.

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