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Sometimes we all need a little help

Mindset, Motivation & Momentum — an accountability group for weight loss & healthy living

Me at 6 years healthy, May 12, 2018. Keepin it real.

Ringo Starr and the Beatles were definitely on to something — sometimes we all need a little help from our friends. Or, rather, we get by with a little help from our friends! 🙂

Asking for help — personal or professional — is often challenging for people, especially when we are struggling. When it comes to weight loss or wellness, we often believe that because we know WHAT to do, we should be able to “just do it” on our own. We might not want to be a bother or burden to others. Perhaps we’re ashamed that we actually need help and can’t bring ourselves to admit that we’re struggling for fear of what others might think. So, we continue in excuse mode. We struggle, and stay stuck or stalled alone instead of reaching out for help. Does any of this sound familiar?

Today, I’m leading by example. I am both asking for help and giving you an opportunity to do the same.

It’s official: I am struggling and need help to get the healthy living mojo back. I’m slipping in all aspects of my healthy lifestyle — including nutrition, exercise, mindset and sleep. It’s been a challenge to hang on to the healthy habits I’ve developed that have kept me in the equation, and living healthy, happy and whole. I feel like I’m losing more than winning the emotional battle during a particularly stressful and challenging time. And, my “restart” methods have not gotten me 100% back on track.

Consequently, I’m up in my weight and way out of my comfort zone. I’m letting old patterns creep in and take me off track. And, this has been the case for awhile. So, I’m calling it an official tough patch! I’m asking for help and doing so publicly  because that’s what works best for me. If I’m hiding how hard it is and turning to food to cope, I know it’s time to do something about it and stop the spiral. So here I am.

Now You…

If you’re nodding as you read this, I’m inviting you to grab hold of this opportunity.

If you’re struggling to lose weight (or keep it off), get fit, make time for yourself, or just feel confident and empowered in your own life — this may the opportunity for you. If you know WHAT to do, but you’re not taking action, this is your chance. And if you’ve been saying the same thing (excuses) for years, and you aren’t “getting it” on your own, then please join me. Take the leap.

Mindset, Motivation & Momentum

I’m starting an In the Equation support and accountability group in the Mpls-St. Paul area called Mindset, Motivation & Momentum. It’s designed to help you develop a personal action plan for weight loss or wellness by addressing the 3 M’s — mindset (uncover how your “thinking” is helping/hurting you & what’s getting in your way); motivation — how to get and stay motivated over the long haul; and momentum — how to start (take action) and gain momentum that propels you forward. This group is an opportunity to ask for and receive help to hold yourself accountable, while being supported by like-minded peeps — including ME!

Although I’m a trained Wellness Coach, this is NOT an active coaching group because I’m going to fully participate. In fact, I’m hosting and facilitating the group because I need the kick in the pants, as well as the support and accountability.

So, if you’re struggling for any reason – and you’re ready to take action — this group could be the perfect jumpstart or restart for you. It does require in-person participation so it is targeted to people in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, area.

Here’s how it will work:

1) The group will meet in-person every week on a set day and time for about 2 hours. Your in-person participation and commitment is required! No money, just your full-on, all-in commitment. It is presumed that for the 5 weeks the group meets, you will be there! (Weeks of June 24 – July 29, 2018.)

2) Walk & Talk Format. We’ll meet at a lake or park and walk together, then meet for an hour after for “talk.” The talking part will include personal updates and a discussion topic centered around mindset, motivation, and momentum. The group will help drive the agenda based on what is needed in that particular week. I will come to the group with a proposed structure, topics, and will facilitate the sessions, but I also plan to participate fully. If there is interest, we’ll rotate the facilitation role.

3) Facebook Support & Accountability. In addition to the weekly in-person sessions, I’ll set up a private Facebook group as another avenue for accountability and support. Building a community or “tribe” whose invested in you/your success can be invaluable. And it’s even better when people have permission to call you on your s h _ _!

4) REQUIRED 5-week commitment: Week of June 24-July 29, 2018 — YES during summer and, YES, starting right now! Trust me. Now, is the time. 🙂

5) FREE and there is a BUT! There is no fee to participate in this group, but it does require you to be 100% all in — committing to yourself and to others in the group. You will decide your personal focus/goals/priority work for the duration of the group — after all, wellness is personal. But you are expected to go ALL-IN for yourself and others. That means showing up, participating and putting in the work.

So, there it is. Here we go!

Express interest and sign up

If you’re interested in joining me for Mindset, Motivation and Momentum, please contact me here. NOTE: If you do not hear back from me in 2 days, message me again or contact me on Facebook here. No response from me simply means my email response got caught in a SPAM filter – because I always reply to every message! 🙂

Now, one question for you and it’s the same one I asked myself. Are you fully prepared to succeed?!

Pause. Breathe… Are you ready to do this and succeed?

I’m excited, hopeful and all-in! I need is 2-3 other people to say YES! and off we go. But I hope it’s a lot more. I end today with this…sometimes asking for a little help makes ALL the difference!




P.S. If you don’t live near Mpls-St. Paul and can’t join in person, I’m sorry. This group requires in-person meet ups. I will also be offering similar workshops later this year. Stay tuned for more information.

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