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Mountain climbing therapy

lorionPenobscot“It’s not the mountain we conquer, it’s ourselves.” – Edmund Hillary

I love this quote! It rings true for me and is symbolic of my personal transformation.

Five years ago, I simply could not have imagined that I would be climbing mountains for fun. Seeking new rigorous trails, taller/steeper mountaintops, and celebrating successfully navigating cliff trails (well, okay, minor cliffs).

Yet, it is on the mountain top, that I see most clearly. It is here that I feel centered and in my equation; in touch with who I am and what I want in this great life. Here, I am accomplished and strong…brave and fearless…happy and grateful. And, it is here that I find the courage to do hard things. Read more

What next?

Those of you who know me well, know that I am a goal setter with a touch of competitiveness – even with myself. I love that about me. And 99.5% of the time this ambition and drive is directed in the right way. Read more

I hear ya horse, carbs and mother nature

What do healthy carbs, a horse and mother nature have in common? This week, a reoccurring lesson that Lori is NOT in control!

This past week, I had to dig deep to sustain trust in my program and my program director extraordinaire, Leif Anderson. And, I had to once again learn to give up control. It turns out, I am not in charge of the universe! Damn. And I do better when I recognize and embrace that. Read more

So many changes…so much to look forward to

Wow, my heart is full. These past couple of weeks have been good ones for my program, and I am struck by how much day-to-day life has changed. In little ways and big ways. It’s difficult to describe really, but life is full and enjoyable in each and every moment. Even in the tough moments because I find myself with the tools and the courage to change course and direct myself back to the goal. And it feels so great! Read more


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