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So many changes…so much to look forward to

Wow, my heart is full. These past couple of weeks have been good ones for my program, and I am struck by how much day-to-day life has changed. In little ways and big ways. It’s difficult to describe really, but life is full and enjoyable in each and every moment. Even in the tough moments because I find myself with the tools and the courage to change course and direct myself back to the goal. And it feels so great!

I just got back from a week on the road where I hiked my mountain in record time – cut 25 minutes off my best Oberg Mountain climb. And I can’t wait to get back and do it again this week with fall colors abloom.

Here are just a few of the ways life has changed in recent months.

Parties in Public. Last night I got all dressed up for a wedding with my close college friends/sorority sisters and I was actually looking forward to attending, to getting dressed up and seeing people I haven’t seen in 15 years. In the past, I would have dreaded the gathering and frankly avoided it for that reason. I would have stayed home and wallowed. This time, I dressed and danced – and stayed on my program while doing so!

Picture Me. I absolutely love getting my photo taken right now and charting my progress. I bring my camera and actually ask people to take my photo. What?!! This is the girl that hid from the camera for years – 15+ years. It’s crazy and my friend Jean and my sisters are happy to oblige.

Hiker/Mountain Climber. As I prepare for the impending mountain climb in Acadia National Park in three weeks with my sorority sisters, I realize I want to hike/climb all of the time. I LOVE IT! Can’t wait. And yes, for the record, this is exercise. And I used to hate it and avoid it. “Hiking” on the North Shore for me was walking from Hwy 61 to the lake via Temperance River State Park! Now, I am plotting the next big climb and hoping I can convince some of my sisters to do a second mountain top with me while on vacation in Maine.

Fashionista, Bar None. I am a fashion queen and a shopper with new clothes, in new sizes, and so many cute things from name brands that only “little” people could wear. Soon, I have to stop shopping and just enjoy the new closet of fashion I have built! But wow, am I having fun. New clothes, shoes, coats, accessories. Frankly, I don’t have enough places to wear all of this stuff. Or the financial means to sustain it! New mountain climbing/hiking shoes, new fashion boots, new skirts, Italian tights, slinky, sexy shirts, a new leather coat… OMG, this is fun.

The strategy of it all. I simply LOVE talking and thinking about why this program is working for me and how I can help motivate, encourage and support others in the journey. There are so many people to help and I simply know that if I can do it, you can to. It is a life changer, bar nothing I have experienced. And at the risk of annoying all of my friends and those who follow this blog – I want to pass it on, pay if forward, make this in some way part of my life’s calling.

My heart is so full with all of the love, encouragement and support I have received on this journey from so many people. Close friends and family – my mom, sister, nephews and dad, Jimbo, my sorority sisters, my FN 2 family, Leif and O’Neal, the Marketing that Matters team, my Bluefin Bay family, and so many, many friends and others who I didn’t even know were following my progress. Wow. I am overwhelmed and blessed – and I can tell you, it does indeed make a difference in my motivation and my progress. It totally inspires me to press on.

Next Up: Of course the mountain climb in Acadia in three weeks with my sorority sisters and some of my closest friends in the world! Then, we’ll see what next. The big and bold goal I just asserted is that I hope to reach my ultimate goal by my birthday – February 14, 2011. Discussing it now with my Chief and my trainer to see if we can go for it. How cool would it be to be celebrating my birthday in 20 weeks – 4.5 months – at goal! I think there will be one big party to celebrate. And I mean BIG party!

Thank you all for your continued love and support. I adore you. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You know who you are.


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  1. You look amazing and are doing awesome. Such an inspiration. Also hope you have a good trip to Maine and Acadia. I love Acadia. You are going to have to do Cadillac Mountain but start it extremely early in the morning so you can get to the summit and watch the sunrise. Best hike I ever did and I think I started it at 4:45 am.

    September 26, 2011

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