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In the spirit of being brave, authentic…

…and living from the center of your equation

bluehillbestHi Peeps! I’m not quite back in the saddle of resuming the blog, but this morning I read something on Simple that I wanted to share.

In the spirit of being brave, daring greatly, and being true to your authentic self, this is a good one. And it rings so true in my life. In fact, it is serendipitous in its timeliness.

This is a simple reminder of why we aim to live honorably and be kind in all situations, even the hardest ones. It’s a reminder of why I live and love with my whole heart, even when I get smooshed. Or, as author Brene Brown says, in Daring Greatly, when we come out of the arena marred by dust and sweat and blood because we strived valiantly. Read more

Success is finding your authentic self

Meet Dean. Transformation success story #3 in my series titled, “Success. It’s personal. And that’s a good thing.”

Dean Packingham

Dean Packingham (upper right) participating in his first competitive race, 2012.

Have you ever had a situation in your life where you felt like the timing was perfect…meant to be? That’s how I felt when Dean Packingham reached out to me via this blog.

He told me that I had inspired him and that he was about to embark on his own personal transformation journey. He admitted being afraid, fearing failure, but also expressed hope and determination. What struck me about Dean was that he had the courage to leap and go after something he desperately wanted, despite his fear. He asked for help. And that was the beginning of his success story.

We corresponded that night for quite awhile. My response was: “Dean, we’ve totally got this! There is no question that you can do it.” This was the same response that my mentor, O’Neal Hampton, gave me. A message of hope that arrived just when I was ready to receive it. Then, I was able to pay it forward by helping Dean.

What’s cool about this pay it forward story, is that last month, I hooked Dean up with a delightful young lady who also asked for help. She admitted she was terrified to take the leap, and that she was not in the equation of her life. And, guess what Dean said to her about two years after he reached out to me? Yep. He said, “We’ve totally got this!” Read more

What if we stop seeking?…

I saw this quote on the Positively Positive site today and had to share.

“Spare yourself from seeking love, approval, or appreciation from anyone. And watch what happens in reality, just for fun!”    — Byron Katie

I think you know the answer. It has certainly been true in my life and I’m glad I finally figured it out. Better late than never I always say!

Letting it all hang out


Photo by Hanna Voxland, Minneapolis

The power of sharing my story with the world

It’s no secret that I am extroverted and people driven. I love connecting with people in both my personal and professional life. It comes natural, and I tend to be more open than many.

That said, the decision to share intimate details of my lifelong battle with obesity and subsequent transformation did not come easy. In fact, there are still moments of uncomfortableness with being so public about something so very personal. But those moments are almost always short lived and overshadowed by the overwhelming positives of sharing my personal transformation story with the world. Read more

For all the brave women…

Brave girls!…in my life and reading this blog. You know who you are. Remember, brave is good! Brave and authentic is even better. Feelin it today. 😉

Read more

Blessing for a new beginning

flower, emergingLast evening I had the privilege of spending a couple of hours with some amazing women at a Women’s Leadership Community event. When I am in the presence of really beautiful, strong, courageous and authentic women, it gets my juices flowing and my spirit soars! I always learn something – about myself and others. And I find that I come away renewed and inspired. Read more

Believe in your awesomeness!

One of my new favorite words is “awesome.” I love this word!

After reading a great blog on Positively Positive by Kris Carr titled: “You are Awesome,” I was inspired to write this post. The blog starts: “You are awesome. End of story. Period. Print it, post it, feel it… Read more

Finding my authentic self

One of the things I have always prided myself on is being authentic. To me, that means being “real.” It means my inner self and what I communicate to the outer world match. And it means being true to myself. I live my life trying to be genuine, faithful and trustworthy in each and every interaction. I always have. But wait! Read more


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