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Putting Yourself in the Equation

Highlights from my speech at Balance for Life

Yesterday I had the opportunity to share my story at Balance for Life Fitness Center in Shoreview, MN, where I trained during my transformation journey and continue to work out and take classes. I had a blast and want to thank Julie Gronquist, owner of Balance for Life, for inviting me and all who attended. Read more

Celebrating two years of daring greatly!

Today I celebrate the two-year anniversary of my personal transformation… and it feels awesome!

Two years ago today, I left the live-in weight loss boot camp a stronger, more courageous and determined person. After learning to push past pain and what I thought were my limits – both physical and emotional – I learned that I am capable of anything.

As a result, I left boot camp knowing in the deepest part of my gut that this time I would succeed at losing my excess weight and becoming a healthier and happier person.

Well, today I can say: Mission accomplished! Read more

Her secret is patience

It’s been one week since my first half marathon and I am in a very different place today than I was a week ago. Last Sunday I was on an emotional and physical high after completing the Women’s Half Marathon in Bloomington. I was feeling strong and fit, and planning future races. My body didn’t ache like I expected. While there was some minor muscle fatigue, I felt great and was back race walking and strength training three days post marathon…and grinning from ear to ear. Read more

Balance for Life

Today, we had a fun photo shoot with two members of my personal-transformation team: Julie Gronquist, owner of Balance for Life Fitness Center, and Sandra Swami, my amazing personal trainer.

Read more

Feeling incredibly blessed…

  • For my off the charts fabulous “Lori Health and Wellness Team” (amazing program director/lead, trainers, mentor, and friends)
  • That I get to meet new people and pay it forward every day Read more

I hate to exercise…really?!

This morning on the way to my workout, I was thinking back to pre-Fitness North days and remembering the very first time I was introduced to the elliptical by my trainer Julie at Balance for Life Fitness Center. She asked me to do two minutes on the frickin machine, and I struggled mightily. And I believe that it was level 1! Read more

100% – All in!

These past couple of weeks have provided a life lesson in what it means to be “100% – all in.” To reach my health goals (or “Reach my potential,” as the master Leif would say), I am now on one of the strictest nutritional programs since my weight loss journey began and working out at the highest cardio level thus far since I left the Fitness North campus just shy of one year ago. Read more

An active vacation, a mountain climb with the sisters…life is good!

I just noticed the drought in blog communication and decided to take a time out to focus on Lori.

I was on vacation this past week and, as a result, the work is piled high. Read more


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