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Join us at FitFest 2016!

Lori Schaefer of In the Equation at MSP FitFest.2015

Lori Schaefer, In the Equation, at MSP FitFest 2015

Are you too busy to be healthy? Have you given up your biggest goals and dreams? Do you find yourself stressed about how to fit it all in?

What better way to put yourself in the equation and jumpstart a healthier YOU than by attending an all-day fitness and wellness extravaganza? Get inspired and motivated by the latest and greatest in fitness classes and cool seminars on weight loss, nutrition, healthy living and more — including mine!

Join us at MSP Magaizne’s FitFest 2016 on Saturday, April 23rd at the University of Minnesota’s state of the art Recreation & Wellness Center. I am delighted to be presenting a new workshop at 11 a.m. titled: Put Yourself in the Equation & Re-ignite Your Life. Read more

A balanced life…a passionate life

These days my life is incredibly full, crazy busy and scheduled. But I love it! I thrive on it. For me, work and life balance is more of an unattainable illusion than a goal. My goal is a life with me in the center of the equation that is full of the stuff I love to do and the people I love to do it with, and plenty of down time to recharge and prioritize the relationships that are important to me.

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