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Want to lose weight? Get smart first.

weight-scale-helpA fun quiz on weight loss dos & don’ts & a few tips from me

It’s the New Year, so lots of people have embarked on a goal to lose weight and eat healthier. I don’t know about you, but my email is inundated with diet gurus providing tips on how to lose weight and much of the information is confusing, conflicting, and/or soliciting me to sign up for their particular program.

After losing and keeping off 200+ lbs, people also ask me for weight loss tips: How did I lose my weight — what nutritional plan did I follow? Did I track my food, why is that important and what tracker did I use? Did I weigh every day, and do I believe in that? How often did I exercise and how much? And more.

So, I’ve decided to get back to basics and write a series of blogs on nutrition and where to start. I’ll be sharing some of my personal stories, tips, favorite recipes and answering some of your questions. I urge anyone who has a question or topic for me related to nutrition or diet tips, to reach out.

Please know that I am not a nutritionist or an expert. But I did have success at losing and keeping off a lot of weight and I know what worked for me. I believe that when it comes to nutrition for weight loss (and healthy eating in general), you have to get smart first. You have to stop making excuses, take charge of your health, and know the basics on nutrition. This will probably include educating yourself and learning what resources to trust. Hopefully, I can help.

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Meal prep. Works for me!

7 tips for meal prep to keep you on track. A key to the successful Reboot!

saladassemblyIf you know me personally or have been invited to one of my dinner parties, you know that I am a lot of wonderful things but a great cook is NOT one of them! I once had a dinner party and bought the whole meal.

I’m not imaginative or intuitive about what to put together when preparing meals, probably because I haven’t had a ton of practice. I lived most of my adult life on fast and processed food so I didn’t spend that much time in the kitchen — unless it was starring at the frig wondering what to eat next! And, I don’t particularly enjoy cooking unless I have a partner in the kitchen helping.

That said, I lost 200+ lbs and have maintained a healthy lifestyle for 3.5 years by getting really good at meal planning and preparation. It’s one of the keys to success for me and something a lot of people struggle with.

It’s also been the key to my successful #operationreboot this past week. Read more

Confused about what to eat to lose weight and maintain a healthy body?

Busting common nutrition & diet myths.

By Sandra Swami, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

Feb. 2012 - Balance For Life 172EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a guest blog by personal trainer & wellness coach, Sandra Swami. Sandra helped me achieve my -200+ lb weight loss and I work with her now to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sandra is also a nutritional coach, and when I saw she was teaching a class titled: “Debunking Common Nutrition Myths,” I asked her to write this blog. I’ve heard from many  people post New Year asking, “What should I eat to lose weight?” I get it.

If you’re confused about what to eat, how much, when. Or, don’t know what to believe on food labels and in the nutrition advice you read online, start here. Feel free to post questions and Sandra will answer them.
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Know your nutrition facts…it matters!

nutrition-lies Exposing the nutritional lies that make us sick and fat.

Don’t get me started on this topic. There is so much conflicting and misinformation out there that you need a PhD in research and a whole lot of time to know if what you’re eating is good for you or will help achieve your goals.

When I first entered my fat loss program in late 2010, I had a lot to learn about nutrition. Truth be told, I didn’t know fruit was a carb. But, much of what I thought I knew — like low fat or fat free is best — I had to unlearn! In short, to transform my body and get healthy I had to start by getting educated and learn to read labels (always and especially the fine print.) You can do it too. Read more


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