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Know your nutrition facts…it matters!

nutrition-lies Exposing the nutritional lies that make us sick and fat.

Don’t get me started on this topic. There is so much conflicting and misinformation out there that you need a PhD in research and a whole lot of time to know if what you’re eating is good for you or will help achieve your goals.

When I first entered my fat loss program in late 2010, I had a lot to learn about nutrition. Truth be told, I didn’t know fruit was a carb. But, much of what I thought I knew — like low fat or fat free is best — I had to unlearn! In short, to transform my body and get healthy I had to start by getting educated and learn to read labels (always and especially the fine print.) You can do it too.

It’s not easy to ferret out the crap information and lies and be good stewards of our own health. Plus, it’s time consuming. Thus, I was delighted to read this fantastic blog by Kris Gunnars at Authority Nutrition (thanks to my friend Heather for sharing it on Facebook).

These Top 13 nutrition lies that make the world sick and fat have been in the mainstream for a long time. No wonder we are confused! A few stood out for me:

  • Eggs Are Bad For You. Nope. I have eaten eggs every day of my life for the last three years. I love eggs!
  • A Calorie is a Calorie – NOT! If you don’t believe it, read this blog. Calories in, calories out is not the right/whole story. It matters WHAT those calories are.
  • Eating a lot of protein is bad for your health. Turns out – NO! And eating a high protein diet increases muscle mass, reduces body fat and lowers risk of diseases like heart disease, diabetes…

I love this blog! It very clearly exposes 13 of the most common nutritional lies with the real facts to back it up. And it is consistent with what I’ve learned about my own nutritional health and practice every day. A big shout out and special thank to my nutritional and wellness coaches Leif Anderson and Sandra Swami for helping me learn to read labels and think twice before I eat something deemed “low fat” or “fat free.”

I’ll keep my eggs and coffee, and am fine to ditch the “heart healthy whole wheat bread.”

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  1. Reminds me of something I heard somewhere a few months ago. Your body is less a calorie calculator and more of a chemistry experiment. You can put two foods with the exact same calorie count in and have completely different reactions.

    Love your blog Lori!

    September 12, 2013
    • Thanks Evie. Yes, your body is a chemistry experiment. Love this.

      September 14, 2013

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