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My go-to snacks for weight loss

Part of our getting back to basics — nuts & bolts blog series

fruitsnack-cottagecheeseI eat four to five times per day to maintain my healthy weight. And I lost more than 200 lbs. on a nutrition plan that had me eating between four and six times per day consistently.

Why eat so often? I learned that to keep my metabolism stoked, I needed to eat regularly scheduled, smaller meals, more frequently. And skipping meals does NOT work. At least not long-term, because it puts your body into starvation mode and your metabolism then works against you.

At least two of my meals every day are snacks. I used to laugh when I was in fat-loss mode and my coach called 12 almonds and 3 ounces of turkey a meal. To me, it’s a snack. But I love snacks! They can be very important not just when you’re in weight-loss mode, but to healthy eating and living. Healthy snacks are also important for kids to help prevent obesity.

How many snackers do we have out there?

Well, here’s my #1 tip: Snack! Whatever your weight loss plan, do NOT skip meals. It doesn’t work and there is lots of evidence to prove it. When you reach for a mid morning or afternoon snack, make it a good one — to me that means low carb, include protein, and make it something YOU enjoy! Read more

Know your nutrition facts…it matters!

nutrition-lies Exposing the nutritional lies that make us sick and fat.

Don’t get me started on this topic. There is so much conflicting and misinformation out there that you need a PhD in research and a whole lot of time to know if what you’re eating is good for you or will help achieve your goals.

When I first entered my fat loss program in late 2010, I had a lot to learn about nutrition. Truth be told, I didn’t know fruit was a carb. But, much of what I thought I knew — like low fat or fat free is best — I had to unlearn! In short, to transform my body and get healthy I had to start by getting educated and learn to read labels (always and especially the fine print.) You can do it too. Read more

Survived week 1 – stronger, smarter and sorer

So much has happened in the past 3-4 days. Where to begin. I think the week can be summarized by saying that I am a lot stronger, smarter and sorer. We said goodbye today to a few from our Fitness North Family and will miss Shari, Jim and Leslie, and Mark. We welcomed Gina to our house in Shari’s spot for week 2 of boot camp. Read more


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