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That’s who I am

The best form of affirmation!

LoriMar-Florida2014A few weeks ago when I was off in Maine doing hard things, my beloved friend Mary knew I needed support and fired off a “Lori care package” in the U.S. mail.

In the package was a beautiful card offering words of encouragement and a CD from a local musician that Mary had heard perform at a wine bar in Florida. The singer/songwriter was Anji Kat, and the CD included the title song, “That’s who I am.” My friend, Mary wrote: “This made me think of my amazing, kick-ass friend, Lor.” Read more

Friendship, frittata and fun

And a recipe for a healthy Chicken Broccoli Frittata. Yum!

10_13_11 Sisters Journey, Maine 113I’m a lucky girl to have such amazing friends in my life! Topping the list, is my group of eight college friends/sorority sisters — we’ve been friends since the 80’s and have seen each other through triumph and heartache, loss of every kind, joy of just about every kind, and lots of celebration.

This was the group of women that traveled from Minnesota to Maine with me almost three years ago to climb a mountain in Acadia National Park and toast my -150 pound weight loss milestone.

We’re all now entering (what I guess you call) middle age, and we all live in Minnesota so we’re able to see each other often. Lately, we’ve embarked on an attempt to get together weekly at my friend Kathy’s house. She hosts weekly “supper club” and whomever can come, comes. One of us makes dinner, and the nights are always filled with deep-in-your-belly, full-on laughter. The kind that makes your cheeks hurt and spirit soar. Read more

Embracing my competitive spirit & mud to boot!

Most people who know me would say that I have a competitive side. Some might argue that is the understatement of the year! I like to think of it is a “healthy competitive spirit” (smile) and I KNOW it is one of the qualities that led to my success in losing 200+ pounds over the past 18 months.

Read more

Putting yourself in the equation, creating your life

A week ago Sunday (just in time for the New Year), Marcia Hyatt – a dear friend, leadership and life coach – posed the question on her weekly radio show “What do I want to create?”

Marcia tosses these provocative questions into the universe (often inspired by a quotation) to get you to think and challenge yourself for a better life. I LOVE this question and the accompanying quote:  Read more

Opportunities for healing, renewal and growth

One of the greatest gifts in my life is the incredible friendships and relationships I have with so many different people. I am a people-focused person and I live in the world of possibilities. My Myers Briggs Personality Type is ENFJ, a person driven by high standards when it comes to understanding and caring about people; understanding, supporting and encouraging others. Read more

Unpacking 100 pounds

Today is a weekend work day and I am feeling the pressure of trying to get everything done to start anew with clients and staff demands on Monday. That said, I am putting myself first and marking a very important milestone with this blog.

Read more

My personal journey to climb the mountain

My beloved sorority sister and long-time friend, Jean, sent this to me in anticipation of my personal journey to climb a mountain! Jean, along with my other sorority sisters, vowed to be a lion in my den (a supporter in my corner) and to take the climb with me. They went hiking with me on Girls Gone North Weekend and all broke into the song Lion King when they learned of the den of lions vs. a lone tiger analogy from O’Neal Hampton. Read more


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