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Just walk to the end of the block. Trust me!

“Just walk to the end of the block, Lor,” my friend Jim urged enthusiastically. “Then see if the next day you can walk a little further and eventually you’ll make it all the way around the block.”

Jim is a great friend. One that has known me for 20+ years, watching me balloon to my all-time high weight of 381 lbs by my late 40’s.

As my close friend and confidant, he was also witness to my internal sadness, increasing complaints of health problems, and my shrinking life as I played victim to the weight. And, when I finally got serious and embarked on a successful transformation journey to drop 200+ lbs, he was without question one of my biggest cheerleaders.

There was a time when walking to the end of my block seemed impossible — and I live in the middle of the block, so the distance was more like 1/2 block. I had every excuse in the book. But it was really only impossible because I made it so in my head. I was absolutely capable of walking that half a block and then some, but my mind was stopping me and I didn’t even try. Perhaps some of you reading this can relate.

Well, little did I know at the time, I would go on to walk that block and then some on a journey to put myself in the equation of my own life and take care of me. Read more

Join my In the Equation Spring Challenge


I did a half marathon in 2012 at about the same weight I am today – up slightly from my goal weight. If I can do that. I can do this, right! YES!

Two years: New life, healthy life, happy life. It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been a fit, active and healthy “girl” smack dab in the center of her equation for two full years, and going strong!

If you read my last blog, you know that this week I’m celebrating my two-year anniversary of maintaining a-200+ pounds weight loss. You also that while there are so many amazing accomplishments and new things in my life, I’m currently up slightly in weight, battling hormones I don’t have control over, and struggling a bit as a result.

Time to restart and refocus. The beauty is, I know the way! So here we go.

Read more

Jordin Sparks on the cover, me on page 20!

WR_May CoverI was a bit floored to pick up the May 2013 issue of Women’s Running Magazine and see my before and after photo on page 20. So cool!

I love this magazine. They featured my blog in their Blogger on the Run Series last November and again in December when they featured the top 12 Blogger on the Run columns, but there is something about being in the magazine that takes it to a new level. Read more

An honor from Women’s Running Magazine

Wow, What a way to end 2012. This morning I learned that Women’s Running Magazine chose me and this blog as one of their favorite Bloggers On The Run for 2012! That’s so cool!

Here is the article.

The Blogger on the Run series features an inspiring blogger each week – so 52 in total. To be named in the Top 12 Most Inspiring, well, that is an honor I am delighted to earn. But more importantly, I am still in awe that I am named “a runner” at all. Read more


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